I Confess, I’m an Expert at…

See what I did up there^^??  Now I can link up to two of my favorite blogs!  😉

Helene in Between Blogtober

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So, without further ado, I will finish that sentence,

I confess, I’m an expert at…



–Performing (ie. baking) under pressure

–Forgetting names

–Black Friday

–Seat Dancing

–Spilling on my boob bib shirt

–Faking a smile when I wanna cry

–getting lost in a book when I have 1M things to do

–Pinning! (similar to winning, but way more fun)

–Fitting 100 things into 2 days

–Killing Plants

–Organizing Things

–Making Lists

–Spreadsheets  (the last 3 kinda go together)


My Favorite Quote

This is an easy one…

Helene in Between Blogtober

“Everything happens for a reason”

I have believed this for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, its a good thing, sometimes its a bad thing. I tend to argue with the statement, but at the end of the day, there has got to be a reason, right?!  I realize that its not always a good one, not one that everyone agrees with and sometimes, we don’t even know the reason. But just think, if one little thing were changed at any point, your life would be completely different than it is.

Last summer, after DBE and I separated, I struggled a lot, obviously. But I knew that at the end of the day, there HAD to be a reason for why this was all happening. I still don’t know that reason, mind you. But, I wanted to do something to recognize the fact that my entire life was changed, and I WAS going to be okay. I was going to power through and be stronger in the end.  I spent a lot of time thinking over those few months. I thought for a bit, that my life would never be okay, that I would never move on from the way that I was feeling.

At some point, I realized that the world was NOT over. That I was strong enough to move on, on my own. And a big part of the reason for that was my grandmothers. Both of them were married, and had kids, 9 between them. And while their kids were still very small, they both lost their husbands. My Grandma Millie raised her two kids on her own, working full time as a mom and full time managing a Grain Elevator for a great deal of her life. Now, she is still tough, loves her kids, and her grandkids and actually takes care of her Sister-in-law. My Grandma Brust raised SEVEN kids mostly on her own. My Grandpa passed when she was actually pregnant with my Aunt. She was a mom full time, and worked full time at the local Post Office for years before ‘retiring’ from there. Then she worked nearly full time at KMart for years before ‘retiring’ again. When she passed away in 2004, she was still cleaning houses and taking care of laundry for a great deal of people in town. These ladies are the definition of independence.

I think is absolutely ignorant that they lost their true love’s so early. But I think that by losing these amazing men, they showed many people, like me, that I can survive. That I can be strong and independent!


This spring, using both of my Grandma’s handwritings,  I finally found a way to signify the way my life had been changed and to remind myself that I am much stronger than I give myself credit for, and that in the end, everything DOES happen for a reason!

Fave Fall Recipe

Today’s Blogtober Prompt is a yummy one…Favorite Fall Recipe

Helene in Between Blogtober

There are so many that stick out to me, and certainly make me hungry. Fall means so much in the way of delicious food! Festive things with apples and pumpkin, stick to your ribs food, traditional yummy Turkey Day dishes, crock pot meals and certainly football food!

One particular delicious food sticks out though, and thankfully a (manageable) recipe was un-earthed about a year ago. While I was truly hoping that this post would have step by step photos (mainly b/c that means I made it, and at the end got to EAT it) unfortunately, the weekend got away from me, and I wasn’t able to whip up a batch!  So..instead, I will give you the recipe and a little diddy about the awesome history of it!

If you mention the names “Leona and Cathy” in my hometown, anyone that grew up there would instantly begin talking about how AMAZING our school lunches were! Can you believe that!? Cafeteria Lunches and amazing in the same sentence! That’s because Leona and Cathy were totally responsible for these yummy lunches! The BEST lunch ladies ever! Seriously, so good! My grandma got excited for days when she could come and eat with her grandkids…and it wasn’t b/c she wanted to hang out with elementary kids!  LoL

Well, among the stand out, and truly memorable dishes that these ladies made on the regular, Leona’s Apple Crisp was truly a fave! When we had a College Grad party for my sister, she requested that Leona make a batch…she’s not even in our FAMILY! LOL Sadly, Leona passed away late last year. Which obviously brought back tons of memories about how great of a lady she was, and all the yummy dishes that we all loved. There were hours and hours of facebook statuses about these foods and Apple Crisp was definitely one of them.

My mom pulled out the old cookbooks, you know the ones, church ladies made them, or the PTA, or some other town groups with recipes from the locals. They are the BEST cookbooks to have! Well, low and behold, Leona’s AC Recipe was in one of them. Problem, the recipe, was for 200 servings! Mind you, for as long as I can remember, our school never had more than 100 students…what’s that say about how GOOD this stuff was!  Well, we got talking and come to find out, the 4th Grade Teacher from year’s ago, managed to get a smaller recipe from Leona many, many years ago and she loved us all so much she posted it!

I made this recipe for the first time last year for Christmas Eve with my family. (Many of whom went to good ole Ransom Grade School at one time.) But I didn’t tell anyone, but my mom that I was making Leona’s special recipe! Wouldn’t you know that a handful of people knew RIGHT away that it was Leona’s! Not only was it delish, but I was thrilled to be able to make something as yummy as she made it all those year ago! Now you can too!

Leona’s Apple Crisp Recipe

Jonathon Apples
1/2 Cup White Sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 1/2 Cups Flour
2/3 Cup Softened Butter
Prepare enough sliced Jonathan apples to fill a buttered pan. Mix in 1/2 c. white sugar mixed with 1 tsp. cinnamon. In a bowl, mix together 1 c. brown sugar, 1 and 1/2 c. flour. Cut in 2/3 c. slightly softened butter until a crumbly mixture. Sprinkle over the apple mixture. Bake until apples are tender.

9×13 pan 350 degree oven 45 minutes or until done

I Never Thought Blogging Would…

….be so fun, rewarding, challenging, open my eyes to new things, keep me sane sometimes,  introduce me to new people or make me want to take pictures of everything that I do and everyone that I do it with.   🙂

Helene in Between Blogtober

Its funny, I don’t know what I expected when I began blogging years ago. I just thought that it was a good way to get my name out there in the baking world. And once I re-read that sentence, it wasn’t even that as much as it was to just have somewhere to post info for cakepops locally. I was always a blog reader, starting with my cousin’s photo blog (while I would love to link to her, for the sake of keeping my little bloggie secret, I cant do that.) But she opened my eyes to a little ole blog written by The Pioneer Woman. And lemme just say, this was LONG before she was popular! I loved her before it was cool to love her.

While I don’t think that this blog will ever multiply into the millions of readers or thousands of followers that some of my faves have, I am pretty content with having somewhere to blab. Somewhere that I can vent without hearing my whiney voice, and somewhere to jot down memories to look back on someday when my memory is even worse than it already is.  🙂

Why do you blog??

Best Halloween Memory

Helene in Between Blogtober

This may seem strange, but today’s prompt is a pretty tough one for me. Its really quite complicated to narrow it down to ONE thing that I love about Halloween!   This is by far my moms FAVE holiday, which in turn makes it pretty fun for me, as we were always celebrating in style as kids.

So, rather than picking out just one memory that I love the best, I thought I would make a quick list of all the things I loved about Halloween Past and Present.  🙂

*My Costumes, obviously! As a kid I was everything from a hobo to a scarecrow to a lion. ALL homemade. As an adult, nothing changed, I am still completely homemade with costumes. The DBE and I had some pretty fun costumes together…we were movie theatre soda and popcorn, we were a hunter and a dead deer (I laid on my side for hours! So long that when it was time to get up, I couldn’t!) Ive been an old lady in jammies, Santa Clause and Miss Ransom.

*Jerry’s Halloween Party!!  Our LITTLE town has the best Halloween celebration complete with a costume contest, scavenger hunt, band, hayrack ride and drinking..of course!

*Getting Ready for the School Judging. As a kid, we used to have half days of school on Halloween. At lunch everyone would go home and get their costumes on and come back to school for school judging, the costume parade and class parties. My mom took that day off work for as long as I could remember so that she could help us (and my cousins) get ready for judging. We always had a house full of kids, and aunts getting ready. Costumes were being ‘cut and sewn,’ faces were being painted and never fail, there was frozen pizza for lunch. To this day, I still make frozen pizza on Halloween while I hand out candy! And my mom, she still takes the day off! The school even asks her to be a judge for the contest!

*My PARENTS costumes! I remember being a little kid and having a babysitter for “Jerry’s Halloween Party.” I used to get so excited for when my parents (and their friends) would come rushing in the house to get ready for the party. They always had the coolest costumes! Jolly Green Giant and Little Sprout, Santa Clause and Gifts, and The Seven Dwarfs. As I got older, (while incredibly envious that I didn’t get to join along) I was always home to help them get ready. A couple years, when I was in High School, I even had friends over so that THEY could help out! My mom was an old lady in a bath tub once, they were a Six Pack of Miller Lite one year….complete with 6 individual bottle costumes and the old cardboard 6pack carrier. One year they made a standing coffin and my mom stood so still for hours that they thought it was a decoration! They have been a kissing booth, the Addams Family, and a Raggae Man.

I just love Halloween!!!!  This year, we are going to be…well, I cant tell you!  🙂  I mean, its gotta be a surprise right?!

My Blogtober Confession..

I have to confess, I fell off the wagon. I confess….

Vodka and Soda

-This weekend was nuts, in a good way. One that included a super cold football game, eating dinner with my family at 11pm, driving all over the county to deliver Scentsy, and a trip to LEGOLAND! But there was NO time for blogging.

-Monday, I spent the day in our County Courthouse…don’t get excited, I was summoned for Jury Duty. Which is a who other situation in itself. I got excused…after 4 hours of waiting….because I knew the Asst. States Attorney that was trying the case.

-Yesterday, I was holed up in my house all day feeling like a cold had taken over my life. And today, I don’t feel a whole lot better. I did make it in to work though, only because I can already feel the tears from having a paycheck short 12 hours this week…no way could I have lost 8 more.  😦

Tomorrow, Tomorrow will be a better day! I will be back on the Blogtober Wagon if it kills me!

Helene in Between Blogtober

One Thing I Can’t Live Without…

I thought about the many different angles that I could see this from…the funny way, the serious way, the ‘technological way. But in the end, I decided that today’s Blogtober prompt is best addressed in the most literal way possible. And that I should just come out with it and Confess what I really cant live without…..

Helene in Between Blogtober

Day Three: One Thing You Cant Live Without

An obvious answer for sure…My Family and Friends. While it may seem like two things, I consider my friends a part of my family, and many of my family members are truly friends as well. So they are completely interchangeable.


I have the most amazing support system that a girl could EVER ask for. Be it someone to cry with, yell at or run to in a time of need. I have been through the ringer over the last year or so, but something I have NEVER lacked was loved ones there to help me through the struggle of life.


I cant begin to imagine how I will ever pay each and every one of them back for the things they have given me, the support they have shown, or the love that I have received from all of them.


I truly am the lucky one here and I could never and WOULD never want to imagine my life without them!


Oh…and did you catch up there that I was confessing what I really cant live without?? That may have just been a shameless plug so that I could link-up to Confessional Friday too. Its just too fun to skip out on.

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