Best Halloween Memory

Helene in Between Blogtober

This may seem strange, but today’s prompt is a pretty tough one for me. Its really quite complicated to narrow it down to ONE thing that I love about Halloween!   This is by far my moms FAVE holiday, which in turn makes it pretty fun for me, as we were always celebrating in style as kids.

So, rather than picking out just one memory that I love the best, I thought I would make a quick list of all the things I loved about Halloween Past and Present.  🙂

*My Costumes, obviously! As a kid I was everything from a hobo to a scarecrow to a lion. ALL homemade. As an adult, nothing changed, I am still completely homemade with costumes. The DBE and I had some pretty fun costumes together…we were movie theatre soda and popcorn, we were a hunter and a dead deer (I laid on my side for hours! So long that when it was time to get up, I couldn’t!) Ive been an old lady in jammies, Santa Clause and Miss Ransom.

*Jerry’s Halloween Party!!  Our LITTLE town has the best Halloween celebration complete with a costume contest, scavenger hunt, band, hayrack ride and drinking..of course!

*Getting Ready for the School Judging. As a kid, we used to have half days of school on Halloween. At lunch everyone would go home and get their costumes on and come back to school for school judging, the costume parade and class parties. My mom took that day off work for as long as I could remember so that she could help us (and my cousins) get ready for judging. We always had a house full of kids, and aunts getting ready. Costumes were being ‘cut and sewn,’ faces were being painted and never fail, there was frozen pizza for lunch. To this day, I still make frozen pizza on Halloween while I hand out candy! And my mom, she still takes the day off! The school even asks her to be a judge for the contest!

*My PARENTS costumes! I remember being a little kid and having a babysitter for “Jerry’s Halloween Party.” I used to get so excited for when my parents (and their friends) would come rushing in the house to get ready for the party. They always had the coolest costumes! Jolly Green Giant and Little Sprout, Santa Clause and Gifts, and The Seven Dwarfs. As I got older, (while incredibly envious that I didn’t get to join along) I was always home to help them get ready. A couple years, when I was in High School, I even had friends over so that THEY could help out! My mom was an old lady in a bath tub once, they were a Six Pack of Miller Lite one year….complete with 6 individual bottle costumes and the old cardboard 6pack carrier. One year they made a standing coffin and my mom stood so still for hours that they thought it was a decoration! They have been a kissing booth, the Addams Family, and a Raggae Man.

I just love Halloween!!!!  This year, we are going to be…well, I cant tell you!  🙂  I mean, its gotta be a surprise right?!


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