My Blogtober Confession..

I have to confess, I fell off the wagon. I confess….

Vodka and Soda

-This weekend was nuts, in a good way. One that included a super cold football game, eating dinner with my family at 11pm, driving all over the county to deliver Scentsy, and a trip to LEGOLAND! But there was NO time for blogging.

-Monday, I spent the day in our County Courthouse…don’t get excited, I was summoned for Jury Duty. Which is a who other situation in itself. I got excused…after 4 hours of waiting….because I knew the Asst. States Attorney that was trying the case.

-Yesterday, I was holed up in my house all day feeling like a cold had taken over my life. And today, I don’t feel a whole lot better. I did make it in to work though, only because I can already feel the tears from having a paycheck short 12 hours this week…no way could I have lost 8 more.  😦

Tomorrow, Tomorrow will be a better day! I will be back on the Blogtober Wagon if it kills me!

Helene in Between Blogtober

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