One Thing I Can’t Live Without…

I thought about the many different angles that I could see this from…the funny way, the serious way, the ‘technological way. But in the end, I decided that today’s Blogtober prompt is best addressed in the most literal way possible. And that I should just come out with it and Confess what I really cant live without…..

Helene in Between Blogtober

Day Three: One Thing You Cant Live Without

An obvious answer for sure…My Family and Friends. While it may seem like two things, I consider my friends a part of my family, and many of my family members are truly friends as well. So they are completely interchangeable.


I have the most amazing support system that a girl could EVER ask for. Be it someone to cry with, yell at or run to in a time of need. I have been through the ringer over the last year or so, but something I have NEVER lacked was loved ones there to help me through the struggle of life.


I cant begin to imagine how I will ever pay each and every one of them back for the things they have given me, the support they have shown, or the love that I have received from all of them.


I truly am the lucky one here and I could never and WOULD never want to imagine my life without them!


Oh…and did you catch up there that I was confessing what I really cant live without?? That may have just been a shameless plug so that I could link-up to Confessional Friday too. Its just too fun to skip out on.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9_33_07 PM


5 thoughts on “One Thing I Can’t Live Without…

    • I couldn’t agree with that more. And vice versa..I feel like some of my family, I am closer with them “as friends” than I am as family…if that makes sense.

  1. I found you through Leslie @ Blonde Ambition. I loved reading your confession and some of your past blog posts! So much so that I’m going to borrow (ok, let’s just say stealing) a few ideas when I suffer from writer’s block 🙂

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