My Dream Job…

Day Two and I almost forgot already. Eeks…Clearly I need to get with the program. (Or start scheduling some posts a day ahead of time so that I am on time!  LoL)

The Daily Tay

Day Two: What was your dream job growing up? And what is it now?

I think when I was growing up, I had a bunch of dream jobs. As a little kid, I thought for sure I wanted to be:

*A dolphin trainer–mostly in the summer, we spent a lot of time in the pool

*A Teacher–I can honestly say I had GREAT teachers growing up, which made me want to be just like them

*An Interior Designer–No idea where that one came from

*I wanted to work at the Post Office–that’s what one of my Grandma’s did, and I often got to hang out and help her

*I wanted to “count corn” –my other grandma ran a grain elevator and told us as children “she counted corn all day”

When I started going to High School and your “dream job” became a real thing, I wanted to be a teacher.  I actually started college with a teaching degree in mind. As part of a class I took, I had to work a few days at Easter Seals. While I adored the children, it broke my heart to have to work with them in ways that made them physically hurt. And I think it was at that point that I decided I couldn’t do it.  Stupidly, I stopped taking school seriously and never finished.

I think now, as an adult, I have two ‘dream jobs.’ One is realistic, I would like to be an office manager for a mid-level company. I have always liked the idea of office work, spreadsheets, note taking, and such. I have always thrived in an office environment. Additionally, I think I will always have the lofty dream job of owning a bakery  🙂


4 thoughts on “My Dream Job…

  1. Aww i totally get the whole teacher dilemma, i know it first hand myself. But i guess being an office manager is a really responsible job & if you feel nowadays that you feel good being there, i’m really happy for you.

    • Thanks. I knew at the time that what they were doing for the kiddos at ES was the right thing to do. And it WAS absolutely helping them, but it just broke my heart to see them in pain.

  2. My aunt worked in a bakery as a teen and young adult. I always wanted to work in one but never did. It would be hard work but it seems really fun and creative!

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