If I Won the Lottery….

I will always take a little help when it comes to blogging prompts. Not to mention, Im certainly trying to build my followers, so why not take part in a Month-Long LinkUp?! And its a FUN FUN FUN one to boot.

Turns out Taylor and Helene are sponsoring Blogtober14 this year in an effort to blog every day in October. Well, if ya know me at all…then you know my track record. And you know that there is no way that I will be able to cut it every day. But I will do my darn best to blog as much as I can, for sure. Plus, these prompts are the BEST, so I certainly don’t want to miss them!  🙂

The Daily Tay

Today the first prompt is “If I Won The Lottery…”

This is something that tends to come up a lot on long car rides and numerous times. DBE and I used to talk about it all the time. And ironically, Matt and I just had a conversation about it this weekend (around 2am when I should have been at home in bed instead of cuddled in “my” chair watching him play Xbox.) With that in mind, I actually have a list of things that I would like to do…starting with…

Start playing the lottery. Scratch offs, randomly…the actual lottery, never.  But, lets just pretend for a second…

— Buy gifts for the entire ‘Christmas Gift Tree.’ When I was little, all of us grandkids would go to KMart with my Grandma (she worked there) and we would pick out a handful of kids to buy gifts for. Never anything super extravagant or expensive. But always a toy, a winter coat and gloves. Mind you, my grandma raised her SEVEN kids virtually alone, on her single income after my grandpa passed away very, very young. So this was a big deal, money wise. I will never forget the impact that made on me as a child..seeing her do something so great. So I have always said that if I were to win, this would be the first thing I did.

— I would pay off my parent’s and my sister’s mortgage. As well as their vehicles. And I would make sure that my Grandma’s house and car are taken care too. And I would certainly pay for her cleaning lady from now on.

— I would book a crazy Caribbean vacation for myself and my friends. I mean, why not?!

— I would donate to a BUNCH of great organizations.

— I would buy myself a nice house and a nice vehicle. Nothing crazy…just nice and manageable.

— I would look into either adoption or whatever means necessary to get a little precious babes for me to raise, even if it means doing it on my own.

— I would purchase a small condo in Florida near my cousin Donnie. That way all of our family could head down and visit whenever they would like. (Even though Donnie would say that he wants us to stay with him!)

— I would NEVER wear the same pair of socks twice. 🙂  I hate wearing socks b/c I hate when my feet get hot. But NEW socks that are super tight are the best. So, it would be ALL new socks for me!

— I would take all of my family; aunts, uncles, cousins, etc on a trip somewhere for at least a long weekend.

— I would definitely go back to school and get my degree in business and then start working on the culinary program. That would ensure that I was well versed in how to open a bakery and make a profit!

— I would continue working, maybe not what I am doing now, but definitely something. There is no way I could just sit around and do nothing, I would spend entirely too much money.

And by that point…I would pretty much be outta money.  🙂    What would you do?


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