Yesterday was the Day.

See that period up there, after the title of this blog..? Its there for a reason. That reason, is, that the sentence is over after that. No excuses, no reasons, no ways around it, Yesterday was THE day. Wonder what its the day for?

For the start of getting my shit in gear. And by in gear I mean, getting it the heck outta here. I have been battling 11 pounds for far too long. Last summer when everything happened with the separation, I fell off the food wagon. As in, like stopped eating all together. NOT the best idea, but at the time, I just couldn’t muster a reason for eating (or sleeping or anything really.) Anyhoo, it caused me to lose a few pounds, which was nice. But I would really like to take care of some more.

Well since then I seem to have stopped at 211 pounds. As in, I haven’t really tried to lose it, but haven’t done much to keep it either. A few weeks ago, Faith got me thinking and I decided I would try dieting again “on the first of the month.” That’s typical right, isnt that what everyone says…at the start of the month, or year… aka “Some other time for sure.”

Fast forward a bit to the other night, my Uncle (who never really says much, let alone does he talk about the way that someone looks) said to me “Doneida, I can certainly tell that you are losing weight. Good Job!” I just kinda laughed. Hmmph, I hadn’t noticed and I surely wasn’t trying.  So, being the super proud, I hardly ever weigh myself, crazy self-conscious person that I am…I go home last weekend actually anticipating the idea of weighing myself, thrilled that I must have finally conquered at least part of the pesky 11 pounds. Sure enough, I weighed myself…215!!! How the hell did I GAIN!? Just like that, I made the choice that there would be one more week of eating whatever I want (also known as: theres no way in holy haities that I can start a diet the same day that I start my period) and then I would start dieting in one way or another.

Recently there has been so much talk about these ‘shakes’ and such. Well, this girl doesn’t have $100 to drop on shakes. And, well, I really like food. So, I decided that I am going to try Slim Fast shakes and see how that goes. I’m still eating, just not as much, like AT ALL.

The plan during the work week is to have a shake in the morning in exchange for breakfast. For lunch I am going to have a homemade meal of some sort. And for dinner, I am going to do a shake with either fruit mixed in or a shake with a small salad or cup of soup depending on the day.  On the weekends, for the most part I only have 2 meals so, I will be supplementing one of them with a shake and just make ‘smart choices’ when it comes to the other.

Now, I know that this is NOT going to make me drop 50 pounds. But hopefully it will help me to kick start things in the right direction and get me under 200. Additionally, with Fall coming, I want to get back to walking at least a few nights a week. And finally, gulp, I am going to cut out caffeine. I have done this before, and it seems to help a bit (once I get over the freaking headaches.) So, we will see where this gets me.

As fate would have it, Carolyn reminded me Friday about Monthly Motivation! So I thought I would go ahead and link up here and see if maybe some amazing, motivating friends could help me out. Plus, this is a good way to track my progress monthly. So why not, right?!

Life Love and Puppy Prints

While I despise the idea of posting a pic of myself on here (see above where I mention that whole self conscious thing,) I feel that its necessary to help me see how things are moving along, should I start to lose some serious weight here. Along with a pic, I will post my weight each month and hopefully we can all watch that number decrease!

20140928_195915-1                                     20140930_063945-1


2 thoughts on “Yesterday was the Day.

    • Thanks!!! Its been 24 hours and I could kill for a McDonald’s Coke. And I kinda feel like I have drank so much water that my organs are floating around in my body waiting for their beachside cocktail!

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