Confess Again

So on Wednesday, I kinda snuck around the whole confession thing. So I thought I would revisit that today. And what’s more fun than coming clean on a Friday, right?!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9_33_07 PM

**I have a pretty laid back weekend planned, and I am only halfway stoked about it. Part of me is worried about sitting at home and having entirely too much time to think. Although, I am hoping to get a little time hanging out on a certain deck with some friends on Saturday.

**I loved the Grey’s premiere last night. However, I was NOT thrilled about the helicopter scene. I feel like it was super computer generated and I would expect more of them at this point in the game. Rent a rooftop and a helicopter and just do it!  🙂

**I may have confessed a bit ago that I ended things with Sir. And for the most part, I have. But dang it, I miss him more than I thought that I would. We have text..or texted (what IS the past tense?) a few times over the last couple weeks. I have never felt as good…or as bad as I did the other day when he wanted to see me.  😦 But, my goodness. What the heck am I thinking?!  I certainly hope that I can get over this, and soon. Otherwise, someone better do something about our situations changing, because I dunno how long I can take the feelings I have been dealing with.

**I think I am going to go and buy crayons and a coloring book today so that I can relieve a little stress tonight while I am working on baking orders. Seems silly, but anything to really fill the time right now.

**I have something (hopefully) exciting coming on Monday. I really need to make some changes in life, and I am looking forward to telling everyone about what I hope is going to be the first and ideally the biggest change.

**As far as changes, I have tossed around the idea of heading back to school. Not sure what for, exactly. So I guess I should put a little thought into that. Im not certain just yet, but I did apply or the FAFSA….baby steps, ya?

**Pumped for Fall TV. Heartbroken though that Big Brother is over. Although, I am so happy that the show ended exactly the way that I had hoped it would all along. Congrats to Derrick, and kudos to him for putting his life on hold to ensure a happy life for his wife and little baby girl!

**I just had my fourth anniversary at my job. Feeling a little cabin fever, but I really enjoy working here. And the ‘hidden perks,’ ie…fellow co-workers, understanding boss, ability to use this as a ‘meeting point’ for my other businesses. But I am especially happy about renewed vacation time. Now, I just want to use it! I have all kinds of things in mind that I could and would like to be using it for. But there is a trip to Las Vegas and (probably) Tennessee next summer that I should probably save it for. Boo!

**I started this month with TWO baking orders for the entire month. This is now the last weekend, and looking back, I have to work on Order #6 for the month! Not a bad deal if I say so! And the best part, I have THREE next weekend alone! Its been 4 years since I started this little venture. Though, this was NEVER what I had anticipated would come of that first Cakepop order!


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