Fall Photos & A Confession

First things First….Sorry I missed yesterday. I guess my Fall Funk got the best of me. I just haven’t been feeling myself the last few days. I’ve decided that I am not about to let it ruin my favorite season though. So..this is me, bucking up. I have gotten over bigger bumps, so this one will stand in my wake before I know it!Β  πŸ™‚Β  On the upside though, I don’t have a clue what I could have told you about my back to school memories. Nothing fun or exciting that for sure.

Day Three’s Blog Prompt is a Fall Photo! I wish I had remembered my phone at 6am this morning when I let my monster out! It was a perfect morning sunrise photo. The colors were glorious and super fall inspired. I will have to see if I can’t find someone around here that posted a pic on the book of faces, or insta. I just know that someone had to have.

Anyhoodles, I thought I would post two pics.


This first one is a direct representation of Fall in my area. Its seems like this time of year is a rush to get all of the construction work done. It doesn’t matter where you are headed, you are bound to run into one of these super tan (Im jealous) people working their sign. They are currently redoing a stretch of about 15 miles of road around my house. I am forced to stop at least twice every morning before I can get to the Interstate.Β  Its getting pretty old!


The second one is a sign of EARLY fall. I actually took this about a week ago, but we are in the middle of what I would guess is a late harvest this year. When I drive from my parents house to my house, it is ALL back country roads. And I love watching the colors of the land changing as we approach fall. While I am not a photographer by any means, one of my fave is to see the contrast of the fields and the super blue, sunny skies of Fall. The only thing that would make this better is if the tips of these beans had started to turn yellow.  ❀  Geeky Country Girl!

Oh…and looky here. I found someone that did post a pic of our pretty fall sky. Not the best pic, but hey, beggars thieves, can’t be choosers, right?


So with that in mind, since its also Midweek Confessions..I would also like to confess that sometimes I steal pics from other peoples facebook! Not the personal pics, just the pretty ones, or the quotes, ecards or funny gifs.Β  πŸ™‚

Vodka and Soda

5 thoughts on “Fall Photos & A Confession

  1. Listen Lady πŸ™‚ I don’t know whats got you in this Fall Funk, especially since i haven’t made it to that post yet… but you look & seem like a beautiful person!! Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed the pictures, made me feel like i was home again.. We don’t see much scenery like that here in Southern California…And your confession was great too! πŸ˜› Looking forward to keeping up with your posts. Visiting from #SITSgirls & http://www.ourpoolehouse.com

    • Thanks. Its a little of everything that’s got me in a funk I guess. But the weekend is coming, and its mainly free, so I intend on spending time with people who pull me right outta this mood. Thanks!! Glad you like the pics! πŸ™‚

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