Fall Funk

I have been in such a funk for the last week or so. Between mixed feelings and crazed emotions, it seems I have caught a head cold. Which is BS since I wasn’t even fishing for one! On the upside though, I am happy to see “First Day of Fall” on my calendar this morning. I just hope that it busts me outta my funk.

Seems the Sits Girls are hosting a Back to Blogging Link Up this week…and the only other thing I can think to blog about is my runny nose or my stinky headache, so lets to do this instead!

Today’s Prompt is all about what you love to do in the Fall. Obviously, I love a good list, especially when it deals with my FAVE season!


**Head to the Orchard — I love most everything about this time of year. But I especially like heading to Boggio’s to get some cider donuts, check out their vendors during their big weekend and just enjoy everything that Fall has to offer! Normally, I make it out a couple times a year and lucky for me, this weekend will be my first time this year!  🙂

**Watch Football (obviously!!) — Hands down, the best part of the Fall is that you can catch a football game every weekend! I grew up watching the Bears with my dad, and continue to watch them and cheer (loud) every weekend, win or lose!  I know the NFL has been under a negative light lately..but the sport and most players continue to be pretty great!

**Hang on the deck in my comfies by a fire — Fall is so cozy and cool, I just love hanging out in some comfy clothes with friends and family that I just adore and having a bonfire. Brings me back to reality and reminds me that when things settle down, though they rarely do..THIS is what’s most important.

**Date Day with Landon — My GodSon’s birthday is September 27th. We started a tradition last year, when he turned 6, that instead of some big present (yep…Im the “aunt” that bought the BIG, loud, awesome gifts that drove his mom crazy) we would have a “Landon & Aunt Deeda Date” instead. So this weekend at his 7th birthday party, he got a small Lego gift and a note that in a couple weeks we have a date to visit LEGOLAND. Its only been one year so far, but I LOVE this new idea. I love having some extra time with him, and since I don’t have any kiddies of my own, I love being able to spoil him too! And I love that he looks forward to it.

**Bake Fall Goodies — Pumpkin Pie specifically. I am a baker, but I don’t do pies. Pumpkin is my fave though, so I wanna try it! Plus, I just love the idea of baking in the fall.  So my co-workers get excited to look forward to treats this time of year too!

**Go to Burgoo — Burgoo is a HUGE festival in this area and its always a good time. It draws people from Chicago and further who just come to shop and visit the little town home to Starved Rock Lodge. Literally, last year, I was at my friend’s in Chicago and left early so that I could ensure I would be able to do some shopping. I sat on the interstate in traffic for an hour. NEVER happens down here.

What are your favorite Fall Traditions? Come back tomorrow for a little Back to School Blogging!


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