Friday Favorites

Thought we would try something a little new today. I mean, its Friday afterall, so why not, right? I always read Meet @ the Barre so I figure, its about time I follow along and join in on her weekly link up!

Friday Favorites

Favorite Song — This is a tough one. I am really feeling Cole Swindell today. Well, I mean, (sadly) Im not actually feeling him today, but I would like to be. He’s just so stinkin’ cute!!   And single, ahem. And talented! Who would have thought that a guy could go from selling t-shirts to a HUGE artist! I have seen him a couple times (this concert season-LOL) and I look forward to seeing him more as time goes on!

Favorite Purchase — Last night I bought my first Origami Owl necklace and I simply cannot wait to get it!  I have looked at their stuff for a while, but the lockets just don’t scream my name. Well, they just came out with a Core Collection including some new bangle bracelets, wrap bracelets and dangle necklaces! I ordered a necklace with 3 dangles! Woo..Ill be sure to let ya know how much I love it when it comes in!


Favorite Post — I’m gonna go ahead and just plug myself. I mean, I just really love this POST, and stand behind it 100%. Hope you like it too!

Favorite Pin — I’m a sucker for quotes. Especially those that directly relate to my life at the moment. Thank goodness for Pinterest,  I swear, I could put up a new quote for every day! Here’s one that I have thought a lot about lately.


Favorite Picture — I like this one from my Instagram! Scentsy had a bit of an (exciting) issue with their warmer of the month for September. I think I mentioned that it went on back order day TWO! Well in an effort to apologize and thank our awesome customers, Scentsy is sending out FREE warmers to their customers that are patiently waiting for the Chasing Fireflies warmer.  My first batch came the other day!


Welp..I guess that’s enough favorites for one day!  What are yours??


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    • Yeah, its really cool of them. I am sad about the back order on their newest warmer, but proud to be apart of a company that does what they can to make it up to their customers.

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