If you knew me in high school…

I am almost afraid to do this!  🙂 I feel like I left high school a LONG time ago, longer than most of the bloggers that I have been reading about. LoL So long ago in fact that, I have very few pics on social media from high school. Simply because, there was NO such thing when I was in high school.  12+ years ago, to be exact! With that in mind though, I will do the best with what I have, thank goodness for Throwback Thursday Pics, right?

Believe in the Sparks

If you knew me in high school you would know…
I was lucky enough to have gotten a Zach Morris phone with my license, which was only upgraded to the Nokia Brick when I proved to my parents that it didn’t actually work!  How did I prove it, you ask? (okay, maybe you didn’t ask, but I am going to tell ya!)  Welp, I wrecked my car! Not my fault, ps. But when I tried to call for help – 911, my parents, ghostbusters, anyone…nothing. Phone was not in service. ugh. I had to walk to a strangers house. My parents go the clue.

If you knew me in high school you would know…
I had the Greatest friends that a girl could ask for. I still talk to some, and some are still my best friends, thank goodness. Its true what they say, “in life, we never lose friends..we learn who the true ones are.”  I am happy to say that I still connect with a great deal of people from high school (thanks social media.) But I am happier to say that there are a handful of people from high school that I truly love to death and wouldn’t trade for the world.


The Girls on Our Last Day @ SHS (Ignore my ‘crimped’ hair…it was a ‘thing’)

If you knew me in high school you would know…
I went to homecoming twice. Sophomore year, I went with a friend, as friends. I think we ended up deciding to date, by the end of the night. And by the end of the month, I believe he was back with his ex, who happened to be pregnant! Woah…what was I thinking!?

Senior year, I went with…well…Its kind of a funny story. I liked this guy for a long time…like off and on for Junior year, but he was dating someone from another school. Well when they broke up Senior Summer, I was pumped that he was “free game” especially before homecoming!  And then came, Ali…(backstory:Ali and I were in the same friend circle, but I never liked her, NEVER! Adult Doneida doesn’t know why, HS Doneida didn’t care, especially now that she liked the same guy as me.) I was (and still am) super self conscious and just knew that he was going to ask her to homecoming. Which meant, I wouldn’t get to go with HIM or to my Last Homecoming! Welp, I was wrong, he definitely asked me and by the time it was dance night we were dating! (btw, he even borrowed someone from work’s huge pick-up, bc he knew that I loved it!) We dated for a couple months, nothing serious and just kinda fizzled. I know that I liked him for some time after we ended, but in HS, that doesn’t matter, hes obviously Enemy #1. LoL Fast forward 12.5 years…and I think I have mentioned him on the blog once or twice..Sir and I may not be the most convention thing to even happen. But I like where I am, I like that my time with him makes me smile and I like that we were able to reconnect. Oh, and I had a smile for DAYS when he told me that he liked me for a long time in HS too! Take that Ali!  🙂


Senior Homecoming

If you knew me in high school you would know…
I worked at McDonald’s nearly all 4 years of high school, I was a manager for 2 of those years.. While I would NEVER work there again, obviously, it was great to work with friends.

If you knew me in high school you would know…
One night we decided to toilet paper the accounting teachers house. It was epic, we got him good. He came outside, but we definitely got away. Problem was that he lived on a circle drive, so we had to drive BY when we were leaving! He was waiting in the front yard with the HOSE. We were soaked (probably b/c we drove back around to see how we did, and he was still out there.) On Monday, he called some of us out in class as the culprits, I was not one of them!  😉 

If you knew me in high school you would know…
I was the Secretary of our Junior/Senior Class. Seemed cool at the time. There wasn’t really much work involved, and I got to help decorate for the dances, and do the parade and such. In 2012, I considered the fact that it was our 10 year anniversary and NEVER planned on going to the reunion. Right up until I was notified that I was an officer and had to help PLAN the damn thing. So much for that idea. On the upside though, there were just a small group of people that showed up and it was actually quite fun. Who Knew?!

At the Reunion

At the Reunion

If you knew me in high school you would know… 
I skipped prom, both years. Junior year, I didn’t have a date. So I did the Grand March with friends and then hit up the prom parties. I had to work the next morning–whoops, I remember sleeping in the back room on my lunch!

Senior Year we blew off prom all together and went to a local college town shopping. Katy’s sister convinced us to just stay at her dorm that night. We went shopping and met a couple random ‘hotties,’ went to dinner, went to (and eventually got kicked out of) a frat party, met Elvis, drank entirely too much and invited those random ‘hotties’ back to her apt and stayed up hanging out with them until morning. Literally, morning! It was a good time for sure. Though, I don’t even remember their names! Eeks


Ya know how some people say they would LOVE to go back to high school…I don’t know if I would. Looking back, it was a ridiculously fun time in my life, but, there was obviously a lot of unnecessary drama. Although, that’s how we end up where we are right!??




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