I am incredibly irritated today. I don’t know why. There is really no real reason. Just one of those days I guess.


Thank goodness it’s humpday though, so I can just confess…rather than trying to put together a real live blog. 

Vodka and Soda

– I am so ready for it to be the weekend. Mostly Friday. Better known as “tattoo Friday.’  I mean, if I can get ahold of someone to change our appointments to 7pm, rather than 5pm. Who changes their phone number, but doesn’t list the new one on their Facebook page?! I mean, really??


– I just want SOME things to be easy. Or, at least, easier??  I found a fridge online for $50, used of course, but its for my garage, for baking orders. So…clean and running is really all that I am asking for here. And perfect, because my dad brought his truck to town this week and left it to help my sister with moving her things. So I called around last night to get help with loading. And of course this morning, my help is sick (completely not his fault) but also, there is apparently a water heater chilling in the back of dads truck. UGH. I just want a cheap fridge, damnit!

– (Deep Breath) I think I am falling for Sir. (Huge Sigh)…or maybe I am re-falling for him, considering we dated in a land long ago. I dunno. Im not supposed to fall for him at all, there is a lot of ‘stuff’ happening in our lives. I thought we kinda had a unspoken agreement that this was ‘nothing.’ But someone apparently forgot to tell my head about that agreement. Cuz..I think that I really like him. When I have brought it up to him in the past and playfully referring to “whatever this is as ‘just sex'” he gets super defensive. He says that’s definitely NOT what this is. But I have told my head, heart and emotions that it IS, because I can’t let it be anything else. Right now, neither one of us is in a ‘relationship ready’ stage. Somewhere the ball was dropped. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not in love, or even headed in that direction. But I think there are feelings there…and I didn’t think I wanted there to be. Eeks. How’s that for a confession?! And now, we know why this blog is a secret from friends/family. LOL

– I took the Ice Bucket Challenge on Sunday. And I am sick of people bashing this. I am sick of them complaining about ‘having to watch the IBC videos”…ya know what, then don’t watch them. Scroll on by without watching and they wont bother you so much. But, when you have a friend or family diagnosed with ALS, I bet you will feel differently about the attention that these videos have garnered! There has been more $$ raised in the last month for ALS than there was in 2013 as a whole! Get the hell over it. Make a donation and move on.

That's the orange. The Cold One!  Brock dumped his water on ME!

That’s the orange. The Cold One! Brock dumped his water on ME!

– I love Green Icy-Pops. At my party the other night, my (someday-uncle) Gilly pulled a beer out of his cooler and I saw icy-pops in there! When asked, he said that he was using them as ice, b/c he couldn’t find any…Maybe they had just done the ice bucket challenge–hahaha Anyhoo, while it was hilarious that he used them as an ice alternative, even funnier, was that I instantly wanted a green one. And you can bet that I took one. Icy-Pops always remind me of my grandma!

– I have been having a hard time staying awake at work. LOL Like I am just so tired all the darn time. Yesterday, I thought about sleeping on my lunch. And then started reading a new book, nap over.

– I think I am ready for fall. Which, I know, is bs considering we haven’t had any really, truly hot days this summer. But I’m just ready for jeans and comfy pants on Sundays. I’m ready to curl up with a blankie on the porch and read.

– Im overjoyed to not have court tomorrow. It was supposed to be the last (yes, last again) courtdate for the divorce. But the DBE got everything to my lawyer in time that she is just going to ‘close the case’ and we don’t have to be there. However, I am pretty pissed that the last time (which was supposed to be the last time) we had court, he didn’t show up and it was just excused. Like I think, he should have to take tomorrow off and spend his day waiting at the courthouse, like I had to. Meh..either way, I am just thrilled that its over. Like finally, completely over! Yahoo!!

– I can’t wait for the new Fall/Winter Scentsy Warmers! Especially the Warmer of the Month for September! It is adorable!! Mine is sitting on my porch right NOW waiting to be opened. eeeeek.   🙂



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    • That’s awesome!! Im a big fan of either one, really. We ended up with 9 people doing the challenge that day, and we made a donation as well. I think its a great way to raise awareness, and money! 🙂

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