HumpDay Confessions!

Ah…we are halfway through the week already…thank GOODNESS!  I have been exhausted this week, so hopefully that will slide away on the home stretch. But for now, lets keep our eyes open and start confessing, huh!?


Vodka and Soda

– I want chocolate SO bad right now! So maybe that’s not a confession, I mean, its pretty much always true. But for some reason, right this second, I wanna piece of brownie cheesecake like nobody’s business.

– I am incredibly sick of the IRS. I have been waiting on my tax refund since March due to an identity fraud situation. Yesterday, I received a notice that they wanna seize my assets (funny, someone should let them know that I don’t HAVE any assets) because I haven’t PAID them the $9k that I apparently owe. Geesh…at some point this will all be figured out.

– I could literally eat Mexican food every night of the week! Sometimes, when I am making dinner on Thursday I realize that each night thusfar, I have either not made dinner, or I have made Mexican. whoops!

– I have been toying with the idea of trying either Body by Vi or Shakeology Shakes. Does anyone have personal experience with either?? I love food too much to do the whole ‘system’ but I am thinking that if I can use the shakes as a meal replacement for 1 or 2 meals per day, that would at least help out.

– As I typed that last one..about a weight loss system..I am eating fruit snacks. Eeks. What is wrong with me?!

I think I will end there for the day.  LoL Happy Humpday Kids!


7 thoughts on “HumpDay Confessions!

  1. can i be an annoying bitch for a sec? don’t replace meals with liquid – you don’t need to do that. instead, eat more frequently and reduce your portions. i eat about 5 times a day, drink tons of water and i’ve lost weight doing just that. there are days i’m hungrier (ie. today after a hard workout) so i eat more. i eat proteins, healthy fats, healthy carbs and lots of fruits/veggies. i also drink a crap ton of water throughout the day.

    ok, annoyingness over. i say to avoid these things because your body would benefit from actual food, not the powdered stuff 🙂

    • aren’t being an annoying bitch, silly! You are being helpful!! Thanks for the advice!! And that sounds way more manageable anyway! I need to cut soda out again and get back to JUST water!

    • Yumm! I ordered bar tacos last night! I mean, I had to deliver a cake to a bar that has “Taco Wednesday”…how could I not, right? Just realizing, in a 20 mile radius of my house, I know a bar with Taco Tuesday, Taco Wednesday and Taco Thursday. Lordy Lordy…THIS is why I never lose weight!

  2. I wanted chocolate SOOOOO bad the other day and then I gave in had it and now I am so put off it. This phase will last me a whole of 5 days tops, I’m sure my cravings will be back with a vengeance which sucks for the diet I’m trying to be on

    • I need to improve my blog to include some of that contract jazz! LOL I still blog secretly from my family and friends though, so I need to decide what to do about that. 🙂 I sent you a request though! Happy Monday!

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