I confess….

Here We Go Kiddies!  I confess….


Vodka and Soda

~I totally meant to do a kick ass review of my awesome birthday weekend, but…I didn’t. Whoops! Here are some fun photo outtakes for your viewing pleasure!


Dinner with amazing friends. Especially my favorite sister! I don’t know how the world would go ’round without her!


My Fave Cover Band, Brushville with a couple of my fave girls…and Eric! 🙂


The night was moving right along! And to think that Lindsey was the SOBER driver!


I love this guy! So thankful he came into my bestie’s life and changed her world! Somewhere around this time we began a screaming contest!!

~that I am thrilled for a Bachelorette Party this weekend. Its funny, 4 years ago, I would have NEVER thought I would see the day that I would be going to Justin’s sister’s Bach party, but I couldn’t be happier to be there for her wedding festivities!

~that I am THE most impatient person in the world. I mean, when it comes to absolutely everything.

~that I think that I really want to do some work to make this blog cuter, but don’t have a whole lot of funds to do so..suggestions??

~that I wish that I had one true love that is partially equivalent to the many that Rory Gilmore experienced in her years!  Jess?? Dean?? Logan?? Tristan??

~that it amazes me when someone is so busy that they can’t type a text or make a phone call?

~that Scentsy is offering 10% off everything this month!! Lots of Great Deals! Check them out!

~that I am literally counting down the days until I see Luke Bryan at Soldier Field!!  24…

~that I had a plan to post monthly goals starting this month…guess I am already behind. Eeps

~that today would have been my 9 Year Wedding Anniversary. I didn’t even realize it until yesterday afternoon! That’s a win in my book. To celebrate, I think I will have a couple drinks tonight!  🙂

~that being 30 isn’t all that bad! I don’t know what everyone complains about. I am 6 days in and things are going swell. Wonder if I should start another Bucket List?!


7 thoughts on “I confess….

  1. You can always do your own blog design or tweak things here and there! That’s what I started out doing when I didn’t have the money to buy a blog design.
    Happy belated birthday!! I’m definitely jealous of the Luke Bryan concert!

  2. I just dud some twerks to my blog to make it more suitable to my personality and I thought it was going to be difficult but once I started playing around with stuff it was fun! Email me if you want me to send you the links I found to help me 🙂

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