Woah. Today, I turn 30…yeah, thirty! Unlike some most of my friends, the idea of turning 30 doesn’t bother me. Although, I have big intentions of going out tonight to see one of my fave bands and getting a little shitty.  Whoops…was this a family friendly blog?? Cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain, mmkay?   Anyways, I try and remember that some people don’t or won’t get to see 30, so I should take advantage of the fact that I do and enjoy it, right?! 

At the same time though, the idea of being FORTY in just 10 years is NOT okay with me. But that’s a whole other issue I guess. Deal with that in 5 years or so when its creeping up on me!

I had a blog before this…and on my birthday last year, I posted a 30 by Thirty list. For today, I thought I had better document my progress….So here goes!

1. Lose 30 pounds 
I didn’t, sadly. I did lose about 10 though. Which is a start, right?

2. Visit St. Louis Arch
Done!!  Visited the arch during the Scentsy Family Reunion!

20140709_145828 20140709_150707

3. Cut out Fast Food Completely
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this one either. I did cute down though.

4. Save Save Save Get some $$ in the bank
I would say, halfway here. There is some money in the bank, but not as much as I would like.

5. Cut down to 1 soda a day
I did it for about 3 months completely. I normally have a soda in the morning, and maybe if I go out to dinner. But otherwise I have been pretty good at this one.

6. Put my toes in the sand
I did. In February, I spent a long, glorious weekend in Ft. Lauderdale with my cousins!


7. Go to 2 concerts
I think I may have OVER done this one  🙂 Justin Moore, Brantley Gilbert -TWICE, Train and I purchased tickets for at two more that are coming up soon (Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan)


8. Clean Closets & Donate ALL un-worn clothes
I may need to start doing this regulary!

9. Gain 3 Scentsy Team Members 
Welp, I gained two, but lost one!  😦  I am working on a couple more though to sign up in August. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

10. Find my own Home Sweet Home
For now anyway…and I’m okay with that

11. Take a Vacation Day for ME
I did take one. I was able to relax a bit, reconnect with a friend from HS and head to a Vendor Show without being so pressed for time I could lose my mind.

12. Eat at a Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives Restaurant
I didn’t    😦  I am pretty bummed about this one. But the opportunity never quite worked out. Maybe next year!

13. Buy a 6 pack from Sprinkles – Remake 1   🙂
Sadly, plans were cancelled last weekend due to a friends dad passing, so I was unable to get to the city. This is definitely on my list of things to do SOON though.

14. Carefree Weekend Away with Friends 
This one was FUN to cross off! Spent the weekend away for a couple friends’ birthdays’… Blogged! 🙂

15. Gift Someone Unexpectedly with their SimmplySweet Order
I actually gifted the Oglesby PD with their Christmas order for the Shop with a Cop Program.  And kept the holiday spirit to donate some to the Seneca Police Dept too!

16. Get to Wrigley or Soldier Field!
I did! I did! I did! Went to Wrigley Field in June with my mom, sister and Halie! And, as a bonus, I am headed to a concert at Soldier Field this month!


17. Complete 2nd Overdose Awareness Walk

18. Make and Blog about 12 DIY Projects/Gifts
Whoops…Not so much!

19. Pay it Forward at Least Once
I often buy for the person behind me in the drive thru. My fave though, was giving our bartender/waitress/cook a $30 tip on a $30 order at a bar in St. Louis. It was 11pm and we were starving, so she made us dinner, AND made us feel at home. She totally deserved it!

20. Spend $100 Selfishly
Not to sounds conceited, but this was by far my favorite one to cross off! In April, I finally bought something that I have been wanting for a couple years. Backstory is warranted here. Justin was as Fossil watch guy. He had tons! When he passed away, his mom asked if we each wanted one of his watches. I took one that had a funny meaning for him and I, although its WAY too big for me to wear daily. I told myself that when I had money to spend, I would buy myself a Fossil watch to wear “for Justin.” So, when I sold my wedding ring set, I had some money to burn, so I kept my promise. I picked out 5 faves and had ‘the boys’ choose which one I should buy. And I ❤ it!


21. Complete my Hawaii Photo Book
BOOO!!!  I really need to do this!

22. Host a House Party  
Had a party for the 2013 NFL Playoffs (since I wasn’t around for the SB.) And had a cookout this summer before Brushfire played in town.

23. Let Scentsy Pay for Another Trip  😉
I didn’t win it, but Scentsy commission paid for St. Louis!

24. Spend a Day with Miss Lindsey’s Class
I even got to go on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! Sadly, I cant post pics on here 😦

25. Have my Parents, Sister and Grandma over for Dinner
BOOO!!!  I really need to do this!

26. Put Money in Vacation Fund for 2015
I really need to do this one too! I wanna go on a BIG vaca sooo bad!

27. Volunteer with a Charity Organization/Event 
DONE – Challenge Day 10/24/2013

28.  Golf 9 Holes with my Family (Good or Bad!!)
Didn’t quite make it. Hopefully there is time this summer still.

29. Make Myself Birthday Treats
You’re darn right, I did this one! We are actually having a food day at work today for someone’s last day, so it only made sense!

30. Blog My 30

And One to Grow On…

31. Find Happy
Hmm…this one is loaded. I don’t think that I will ever actually cross this off as done. I mean, happiness is always evolving right!?  So why not continue to search for it and strive to be truly happy not only in this moment, but in each moment for the future too.

I can honestly say though, I am in a MUCH happier place right now, than I was a year ago when I challenged myself to find happy. So I think that’s a win in my book. Last year at this time, my world had been turned upside down and shaken like a polaroid pictcha, shake it, shake shake it…LoL…. Today, I am on my own, balancing life, being a dog mommy, time with friends and family, baking and finding some semblance of relaxation at least an hour a week!  I am enjoying life, loving the increased time with friends, and basking in the glow of my families support.

30 is going to be a great year. I can just feel it!


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