Sorry…or not

It’s Wednesday! And the girls made things easy for us this time!


  July 30th: Sorry Not Sorry – Confess all of your ‘sorry not sorry’ moments with us.

While I am not Canadian (eek, thank goodness! <no offense Faithy>) much like Faith, I apologize for everything. Especially things that I shouldn’t be sorry for, who knows why. I often hear “stop saying you’re sorry, you have no reason to be!!” So today, I wont be!

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I laughed when a client paused his monthly management with us bc “he’s going to manage his PPC account independently for a while.”  The same guy that told me 60 days ago he wasn’t sure what PPC stands for.

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I’m hoping to drink entirely too much on Friday. Its my bday and I’ll be drunk and 30 if I want to!

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I haven’t told any real life people about my new blog. How can I be completely truthful and brutally honest about some things if everyone is watching!?  LoL

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I am skipping a wedding this weekend. When you have 8 weddings in the course of 6 months, you tend to be a little choosy…the fact that I worked with her (in a company of 300+ others) for like 6 months and have said 5 words to her since I was laid off….4 years ago, doesn’t entice me to want to spend the day in her neighbors backyard for the day to watch her tie the knot. I am making her Groomscake though..thats counts for something, right?

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I had oatmeal for dinner…in July.

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I use “…” way too often….its just how I am.

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I miss Sir. I know that I shouldn’t be missing him. I know that I deserve something ‘real.’ I know that I certainly should be sorry. But right now, I’m just not. #anotherstoryforanotherday #reasonswhyIhidemyblog  LoL

~Sorry I’m not sorry that I would die without my McD’s coke Monday-Friday. Keep drinking your coffee and just leave me alone!

I just realized that this super fun blog can count as Humpday Confessions too! WooWoo Double Link up!

Vodka and Soda

4 thoughts on “Sorry…or not

  1. when we had like, 12 weddings IN A YEAR, we skipped a few. it’s hella expensive and hey, if i don’t really hang out with you but invited out of association or whatever, i’m bailing. #sorrynotsorry.

    • Awesome Kathy!! Now I don’t feel so bad. I mean, I wouldn’t skip if we talked on a regular basis. I feel bad…a little, bc she invited me to everything…literally..shower, bach party, etc. I think she just wanted to have a bunch of girls there. But we don’t even talk!?

  2. weddings get to be FAR too much work if it’s not a best friend or family member.

    also, I can’t give you shit for apologizing all the time since I apologize all day, everyday 😉

    and mmmmm diet coke, screw the coffee.

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