Im Baaack…

So I went a little MIA for a bit. No crazy big news or exciting excuse. Just that things have been crazy in life and at work, so that makes blogging a bit hard.

First things First…Happy Birthday to My Mommy Today!!!

Im still participating with AllieFaith and Juliette to Blog Everyday in July…well, everyday that I am able to anyways! Whoops.


Here is some info on Today’s Topic:
July 23rd: Currently (reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, needing) – Tell us what you are currently doing when it comes to these topics.

So, Currently…I am…

  • Reading – Well, nothing yet. Not until Lunch anyways. I just finished a book called Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. LOVED it! I have read a couple of her other books as well, and I am truly a fan of hers. But this book specifically, I loved! Maybe because it gives me a little hope in the future or a possibility for things with Sir. But who knows.


  • Writing – Nothing really. Other than this blog post! LOL I should probably get started on my blog post for work, but its just not as fun.
  • Listening – to country! Duh..I love me some country music! And I am trying to channel the country gods into giving me good karma so that we manage to get Garth tickets on Friday! Keep your Fingeys crossed for me, PLEASE!!!


  • Thinking – A lot. More than a normal person should. I wish I could turn it off. 
  • Smelling – Nothing, thankfully. You never know what you are going to encounter around here.
  • Wishing – I could read peoples minds. Sometimes I just wish I knew what someone was thinking. I mean, at the same time, that would be a TERRIBLE thing too. I guess its a double edged sword. Maybe I should just stay safe and wish for more wishes. I wish it were Friday at about 2pm, I wish it were today at 4:30, I wish I got to see Sir today, I wish I could bring my doggie to work, I wish for world peace, I wish I made more $$, I wish someone else paid my bills, I wish there were about 10 more hours in a day, I wish I got 36 weeks of PAID vaca a year, I wish my hair straightened itself daily, I wish I had a presale code for Garth.


  • Hoping – That the next 8 weeks at works goes better than I am anticipating! There are 3 people in the marketing dept..1 just put her notice in, last day 8/1.  Another one is heading off on some 5 week eat, pray, love journey across the US and is going to be ‘working mobile’ 4 hours a day from 8/11 – 9/15. The other…is me! Lord Help Me!
  • Wearing – Jean Capris from Maurices, White Tank from Maurices and a Maroon Shawl…from Maurices. Sensing a Trend?  Black sandals, no makeup and glasses. Wasn’t in the mood to be cute today! LoL I am saving up all my ‘cute’ for the weekend!
  • Wanting – to be in Minnesota at a cabin with family. A large group of them go up each year, I have never been, but every year I regret not going. Some year I am going to just do it!
  • Loving – My Mommy. She is 54 today! I hope that 24 years…and 9 days from now, when I turn 54, I am just as great of a mom, sister, friend, and person as she is! I hope that I have accomplished all that she has. I hope that I have made a house into a home, made friends into family and turned life into something that I truly love the way that she has.

    Making Lei's in Hawaii to take home to Gma and Gpa's Graves.

    Making Lei’s in Hawaii to take home to Gma and Gpa’s Graves.

  • Needing – To lose weight..? To get cakepops done for this week..? To update my 30 before 30 list..? To cross some things OFF said list..? To start making dinner..? To put away laundry..? To take a nap..?

4 thoughts on “Im Baaack…

    • Ohh…I will have to check that out. I read a couple of hers a while ago and liked them, but just stumbled upon this one recently. Thanks for the heads up on the new one.

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