Friday Favorites

HEY!!! It’s FINALLY Friday! I felt like maybe, just maybe it was NEVER going to get here! Working 5 days this week after only 2 last week has been horrendous! And yeah, it was so bad that I almost wanted to say whore-ndous! LOL

Anyhoo, today’s topic was 5 Favorites. I tried to write this out a couple times (yesterday…shhhh) and just couldnt come up with anything. So instead, I stole Allie’s idea..that she stole from someone else, who borrowed it from somewhere else! I mean, if I’m going down for theft…Im taking everyone with me!  🙂


1. Favorite car I’ve owned: Mabel the Malibu! I dont know that I have a pic of her  😦  Sniffle. But she was my fave. I bought her in Feb 2004 ironically a couple days after the DBE and I broke up (which lasted about a week.) I am a serious compulsive shopper when going through heartache. And as irony would have it…I sold Mabel to my daddy on December 18, 2013..the day that my divorce was finalized! I <3’ed her, so thankfully I still get to drive it now and then since my dad has it.

2. Favorite meal out, ever: Hmmm..I would have to say a Chicken Chimi from LaMex, dont forget the beans and chips/salsa. Or, maybe the lettuce wraps from PF Changs!

3. Favorite food I’ve cooked: Thanksgiving Chicken. By far my fav, and so easy!

4. Favorite food from childhood: Mom’s Chicken and Dumplings!  Love Love Love it, to this day!

5. Favorite drink on a hot summer day: Non-Alcoholic….ICE cold Pink Lemonade. Alcoholic…Pink Lemonade with Blue UV 

6. Favorite conversation I’ve ever had with a person: I would say the last conversation that I had with any loved ones, before their passing. Unfortunately though, I dont remember many. Except One! So, I would go with the last conversation with Uncle Steve. It consisted of him being super confused as to why I was at the hospital when he got there. And how I could have possibly drove faster than the helicopter flew 😉  Incredibly bittersweet, but something I will never forget.

7. Favorite movie of all time: Dirty Dancing for sure! “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”….followed closely by The Wizard of Oz

8. Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend: Hmmm..Picture Frame, or Jewelry  

9. Perfect day out – what, where, with whom: Pedis and Lunch with the girls followed by a nap (HA!) and dinner with family and a bonfire. 

10. Favorite color: Pink, of course

11. Favorite artist: Serious Tie here…I agree with Allie, Luke Bryan (ps…join his fan club, tickets are way easier to get!!–Im seeing him in T-minus 43 days!), toss in Jason Aldean (yummm,) and Brantley Gilbert!

12. The best paid entertainment I’ve ever seen: Garth Brooks — December 18, 2010 –Bridgestone Arena in Nashville! It was incredible. I have made it my life’s mission to get a ticket for his show in Chicago this Sept.

13. Favorite activity that makes me get lost for hours: Lifetime Movies!

14. The most exciting secret I’ve ever been told: The day that Aaron text me a picture of the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen…LAST NOVEMBER! Now I wish he would just give it to my sister already!!!!

15. The best advice I’ve ever been given: My cousin told me one night “there will come a time where you realize that the greatest thing you got in your divorce was your ex’s friends!” He was right, so very right. I wouldnt change my friendship with the boys if my life depended on it.

16. My best hair day ever: I dunno if this was the best one EVER…but its the best one I can think of! My hair actually stayed curly!


17. My favorite household chore: Ugh…I dont really like ANY of them!

18. The most important time I’ve had to “be there” for a friend: The night my God-Son was born. I stayed in the hospital with his momma until they literally kicked me out. I mean, the nurse came in and was trying to think of an ‘okay’ way of asking if we were “Partners!” Because otherwise, she was kicking me out for the night! No joke, we considered lying just so that I could camp out in the room for the night.

19. Favorite perfume: Dream from Gap

20. Favorite household cleaner smell: Luna Laundry stuff from Scentsy!

21. Favorite outdoor smell: Fresh Cut Grass….like while they are mowing! Burning Leaves or Rain right after it stops

22. Favorite dessert: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

23. Favorite dinner my mom made: See #4    🙂

24. My one favorite item of clothing: Justin’s ESPN hoodie!

25. The most fun sporting event I ever attended: Cubs/Sox game a while back with the bus trip from a bar in my hometown! It was a riot!!! And the Cubbies won, so even better

26. My favorite moment as a sister: My favorite was probably my proudest!  Lindsey worked so hard to get where she is today, and I have never been more proud than to see her walk across the stage and get her diploma. 


27. My favorite moment as a daughter: Hmmmm….my parents go to Jamaica every year. For their 25th Anniversary, they renewed their vows while they were there. I did a little investigating and had my moms wedding bouquet from their original wedding remade, and gifted it to mom before they left so that she could use it for their renewal. I was SOOO happy to see the look on her face when I gave it to her. Fave Moment!  🙂

28. My favorite flowers to receive in a delivery: Last year, my bday fell shortly after we separated, I was in a weird mental state, dealing with confusion and depression. I tried to forget everything and put on a happy face.  On my bday I had a bouquet of flowers delivered to work from my 5 year old God-Son! 🙂  Definitely turned things around!


29. My favorite cooking or kitchen smell: Oh, that’s easy. Brownies, cookies, fudge. Anything sweet baking in the oven.

30. The most significant change I’ve had to go through and how it made me better: I mean, I would have to say the obvious. After being in a relationship with the DBE for 11 years, it ended last June and it changed my entire life. It made me realize that the whole “fake it until you make it” thing doesnt work for happiness!  I deserve happiness (so do you)…the real, true kind!

31. My “biggest deal” memory of childhood: Summers..just in general. Grandma had a pool at her house and we spent ALL our free time there, all of us! It was awesome!

32. The favorite piece of jewelry I’ve ever bought for myself: Just bought matching infinity rings for my sister and I. Love them! 


33. My favorite aunt or uncle: Absolutely NOT something that I am going to answer. Im gonna pull the Grandma card and say “I dont have a favorite!!!” Really though, I have 5 aunts and 8 uncles, how in the world does a girl choose?!

34. Favorite ice cream ever and from where: Crunch Cone from that ice cream place in South Streator that closed down right after high school   😦

35. Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times: Not one specific..but ANY Friends, SATC, Full House, Gilmore Girls, 90210 or Dawsons Creek.

36. The favorite picture I’ve ever taken: This is a tough one! I have to have a few here. Breaking the Rules, left and right!


We were sending lanterns up in celebration of Justin’s Birthday! Everyone wrote a message to him! ❤


The Last Pic I took of Justin. All cuddled up with Carlee’s princess blankie during poker night.    


Sending up more lanterns (notice a trend??) This time, one for each of our family members that had passed. It was so special to see them go up, followed by fireworks for Wiggy

37. The hardest I ever laughed in my life was: This night in Ft. Lauderdale! It was an incredible night! We started drinking at 9am…at Gospel Brunch (aka the local, run of the mill DRAG Show,) followed up by drinks while waiting for our boat taxi that was taking us BAR hopping…where we stopped at ONE bar for the remainder of the night, I groped (is that how you spell it? ya know, when you sit on their laps and rub their chest and grab their..well…anyways) the Blues Brothers, Ended up in a Days Inn pool (we were NOT staying in a hotel,) ran down the highway in wet clothes and no shoes to catch a cab, drove on the sidewalk then had Sausage bread and Taco Bell for dinner!


38. If I could go anywhere, be with anyone, be doing anything, right now… Where? Who? What?: Jamaica, Ocean or Pool, Drinking with everyone!


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