All By Myseeeeeeelf….

Oh, they have gone and done it again. Faith and Co. are making us spill or secrets again!! As though blabbing about our guilty pleasures and things that make us smiley or uncomfortable. NOW, they wanna know what we do when we are alone. LOL Something tells me that they will regret that question by the end of the day! Ha!


July 8th: Things You Do When You’re Alone – Share all your secrets with us. Points for those of you that mention not wearing pants when you’re alone.

I am thinking that had you asked me this a year ago, I would have had a whole different set of answers. Although, after living alone for nearly 8 months now, I have learned to LOVE being able to do things alone! no one is watching.


~~NOT hide my splurge purchases

~~Sing..because no one can hear me. Although, I tend to sing loud, very loud and definitely off key.


~~Close the blinds..because I have no pants on.

~~Eat Chips and Salsa (with sour cream) for dinner


~~Ignore phone calls…when I really don’t wanna talk to them  🙂

~~Take Silly Selfies…with my doggie

~~Go to the bathroom with the door open

~~Leave dishes in the sink overnight


~~Spend extra time roaming the aisles at Target…or WalMart…or HyVee

~~Put the clean laundry back in the basket for a day before putting it away



Pretty stoked to be leaving for St. Louis tonight. Please forgive me for letting ‘le blog slip a little. I am sure that I will have FUN FUN FUN stories when I return!  Happy Week Folks!



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