The One About….Smiling!

Back to the grind after a long weekend is never fun. Sometimes, I feel bad, like Mondays get a bad wrap…not today though. Mondays are TOUGH in general, but after a 3 day weekend, they are like the devil!  Next Monday…will be even worse though! Look out world, here’s your warning!

Anyhoodles, since we, or most of us anyways, are back to work today…we need to be back to the blog too!  🙂  And what better way, than to remember ways to smile! Thanks to FaithAllie and Juliette again for hosting this month’s link up!

July 7th: Things That Make You Smile – Y’all love making lists right?

**Long Weekends! (obviously)

**Reruns of:
Full House
The Hills
Dawson’s Creek
Gilmore Girls

**The fact that there are only 15 work hours between me and a 5 day weekend

**My crazy, supportive, brutally honest, loving, caring, psychotic friends.

**My puppers



**Napping (NEVER happens)

**Making Lists and crossing everything off! (I should work on that packing list)


**Fireworks …. saw LOTS this weekend, loved most of them


**The feeling when you finally sneeze after needing to for so long. May have just happened 😉

**Not having to set an alarm clock for the morning

**My big, loud, rambunctious family

**Delivering a cake and seeing a customer with a truly pleased face because they ❤ it!

**New Scentsy Catalogs and Scents!!  72 hours until I get my hands on some!

**Country Music

**Old Movies–Dirty Dancing, 16 Candles, The Wizard of Oz, Breakfast Club, etc

**Reminiscing about amazing people that are no longer here with us.



3 thoughts on “The One About….Smiling!

  1. I LOVE Gilmore Girls and Friends!! And of course the others, just so you know- I was always #TeamPacey. Re-runs really are the best! Country Music? Yes! After reading this all I wanna do is curl up on the couch with pizza and watch old movies, and maybe take a nap 😉

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