I Confess….Guilty Pleasures

So this works out well, huh?   Mid-Week Confessions and the topic of guilty pleasures for Blog Everday happen to fall on the same day!? Awesome!


Allieology   Vodka and Soda
So, we all have guilty pleasures, right???  Some are ‘worse’ than others, and some are better…sooo much better!  🙂 I feel like, they are what makes the world go round!
Without further ado…here are mine:
*McDonald’s Coke! (Every Weekday Morning)
*Silly Free Smut Books on my Kindle
*The Bachelor/Bachelorette
*Nutella..lots and lots of Nutella
*Keeping up with the Kardashians (Its like a trainwreck)
*Secret Blogging   🙂
*Sex and the City ReRuns
*Yahoo Messenger…while at work
*ANYONE rubbing my back, or playing with my hair
*Frozen Pizza (especially after a night of drinking)
*Sleeping with no pants on (funny story about that some day!)
*Drinking an entire bottle of Electra White Wine. If I open it.. I must drink the whole thing.
*Chips and Salsa for dinner!
Good Grief…I think I have more, but really, I should stop here! What are yours?

13 thoughts on “I Confess….Guilty Pleasures

    • So a couple weekends ago, I may have drank entirely too much. Like way more than ever before…and my (little) sister had to put me to bed. The next day she was reminding me of all the funny things I did. And she promptly announced that I refused to put pants on when she was trying to get me to bed. Apparently I argued with her about it. She thought it was hilarious. I said “Linz..I NEVER wear them to bed.” She was shocked! hah

  1. I miss Yahoo Messenger. They had the best 😀 face with all the teeth. It was an accurate representation of my face when I smile like that.
    And free smut books on my Nook thrill my soul and make late appointments tolerable. I feel kinda guilty reading them in public, but sorry not sorry, if you know what I’m reading, you’re too damn close to me.

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