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Since I started blogging again, I have been saying that I need to actually blog more regularly. What better way than to participate with Faith, Allie and Juliette and blog everyday in July??  Okay, not everyday, I am just not a weekend blogger person. Read: I’m a broke single gal that doesn’t have wifi at home!

So there are prompts for this little blogging exercise. Although, I may  rebel a bit, since I am not doing the weekend thing. When there are cool ideas, like “5 people you want to have dinner with,” I may blog that on a different day.  🙂  Or maybe I will break the rules and blog on the weekend. We shall see I guess. Plus, since I’m running away to St. Louy 🙂 for a few days, I may need to schedule some posts. That’s not cheating right, just being prepared??
Today’s Bloggy Subject is:
July 1st: Canada Day – Yes this is a real thing. Kind of like Independence Day for us in America. So because one of our lovely hosts is Canadian, we’re going to celebrate with her. Want to know all about Canadia? Pose some questions about our lovely neighbor to the North and Faith will answer all of them for you.
Well, there are about, er, aboot 100 ways to approach this topic. I could go the grown up route and ignore the whole thing, or the childish route and strike the day all together. With it being Day ONE of the challenge though, skipping just doesn’t seem right. But,I feel like I am neither a child or a grown up. So I figure I would give ya a little backstory and then move one with interesting questions that I have come up with in all of my trips to Canada.
In the beginning, I may have mentioned that the DBE is from Canada, as is his entire family. At some point about this time last year, I made my LAST phone call to Canada. Since then, I’ve had a bit of a sour taste in my mouth for all things Canadian…except my fave bloggers of course, and my cousin’s BF.   😉  Its just been a tough transition, and I know that the demise of my relationship is not Canada’s fault. The country should not be blamed for cheating guys, inconsiderate in-laws or ignorant family members. Someday I will get over it. Someday I will blame those responsible and not the Red and White Clad country as a whole.  I apologize in advance. And if it makes you feel better, I am not just biased to those of Canadian Origin.  I have a sour spot towards mechanics as a whole as well, and I cringe whenever I see anyone driving a Tan Silverade. LOL  🙂
Anyhoo, in my 8 years as a Canadian Wifey, I made many trips to good ole’ Canada. Mostly Nova Scotia, if anyone was wondering. But never, Niagra Falls!!  😦  Which still makes me sad! In those many trips, I noticed some interesting, silly and mind-boggling things.  Hopefully Ms. Faith can help fill me in on these things.
**What’s up with Tim Horton’s?!   I mean, they are literally on every corner.  And does everyone go there every time that they get in the car or is that just DBE’s family?  Like pretend we are making a trip shopping for the afternoon…Leave at 12:15pm-run thru Timmy’s…Shop at WalMart and CVS…run thru Timmy’s…Go to the bank and to get a hair cut…run thru Timmy’s…get home at 4:45…head out for dinner at 6:00…head home at 7:00 and run thru Timmy’s. How in the world do Canadians SLEEP after that much coffee or tea. And while we are on the subject, I don’t drink coffee OR tea. So I go to Timmy’s roughly 72 times while on vacation to Canada with family over the course of 5 days…not once do I get anything to drink because they don’t offer soda. What?!?
**How about Canadian Pride?!!  I have traveled to quite a few places, not so many out of the country…Jamaica, Canada and Mexico is about it. But, even to touristy states (Cali, Florida, etc) and I have NEVER encountered the hometown pride like they have in Canada.  I think its awesome that there is so much pride for Canada IN Canada that you can purchase, literally anything, with the Canadian flag or word CANADA on it. So cool!!  I would be willing to bet that the ONLY time that you can get a USA tshirt or tank at WalMart around here is during this time of year. Sure we have touristy tshirt in big traveling locations, Chicago, Disney, NYC, etc…but I often purchased my Canada souvenirs in little Canadian towns outside the booming metropolis!
**Can’t I just get some Eat More Bars?? Soooo yummy! I hate that there are certain foods that are only available in Canada. I dunno how I happened upon the “Eat More” candy bar, but it changed my life (and my weight!) I used to grab a handful of these on the way to the airport to bring home with me because they are such a hot commodity. And, my father-in-law was great at making sure that there were a good bunch wrapped up in my stocking package at Christmastime. So…now I miss them, a lot. Faith…if you wanna toss them in the mail, I would love you forever!   🙂
**Canadian Healthcare?! Wait, nevermind…probably shouldn’t even touch on that one!  🙂
**While we are on the subject of food, Poutine?!?  Who exactly came up with this? I mean, YUM!  Clearly this is fantastic! But at what point did a Canadian think, “Hey..lets throw a little cheese and gravy on those fries?  So good, although it definitely clogs the arteries.
I am just realizing that a great deal of my questions were regarding food! LOL Whoops!  Speaking of, why cant we bring American Potatoes into Canada?! My uncle got turned away at the border once for having potatoes in the truck during a camping trip.  I’m thinking that there are as many ‘organisms’ on the potatoes as there are on his work boots!  🙂
Happy Canada Day!

6 thoughts on “Blog Everyday in July

    • That is too funny! I wasn’t sure if they are just a coffee/tea family or if its a pretty natural thing. I just wish they carried Coca-Cola as well! 🙂 A girl can only drink so much orange juice without heartburn

  1. Poutine is just heaven.

    Also, where in Nova Scotia? That’s where I’m from (born and raised)! And yes, Canadians love their Timmie’s… it’s just a thing, not sure why. If you’re from a small town it’s one of those things that you just ‘DO’ hahaha, easiest way to explain it.
    You don’t have Eatmore in the US? I’ve only ever had one in my entire life, and I wasn’t really a fan!

    • Well, he grew up in Digby, which is where his dad still is, his sisters are both in Halifax now I think and his mom lives in Upper Sackville. No 😦 I cant get Eatmore here. So sad, I ❤ them! Poutine is my fave, we used to have poutine nights where the boys would come over and we would have that for dinner.

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