5 on Friday

I am pretty notorious for saying things like…Thank God its Friday! But I mean, for real!! I am pretty pumped about today being Friday. This has been such a strange week!  I only worked two full days, one of which is today! Tuesday and Wednesday I worked 4 hours, and yesterday I called in sick.

Not to mention the next two weeks look pretty similar in the short and strange kinda way! Thankfully, we have a holiday week next week–woohoo for holidays that fall on Friday! The following week I only work 2 days and then I am headed to St.Louis–I should probably start saving for the trip, huh?

Anyhoo, I am excited for a few days off over the next couple weeks. I just dunno how my clients feel about this!??  Happy Friday Folks!


– ONE – I dunno if I have mentioned it, but I bake out of my home as a side job. Most times its cakepops, cupcakes or cakes. Check out my Website!   This weekend I have LOTS of orders. I had 3 dozen cupcakes and cakepops that my mom had said she would deliver to a co-worker this morning. Well, my sister was nice enough to volunteer to deliver them to my mom yesterday. She called me about 20 minutes after leaving my house. She started the conversation with “you should know that I am okay, and so is my brand new car.”  Gulp!  I should preface by saying, that is REALLY what matters…I am very happy that she was safe and sound. Turns out she got cut off and had to slam on the brakes. I’m told it was like a cupcake tornado in there! Like, she found 4 cupcakes under her seats after cleaning the car out a second time!


– TWO – My friend is home from Germany for a few days and I get to surprise her not once, but TWICE this weekend. I am not anticipating driving towards the city on both Friday afternoon (eek, rush hour sucks) and Saturday evening. But totally worth it. Tonight is just going to be a quiet night in with her and our bestie Katy! I cant wait. It may seem strange to others, but we all get excited at the prospect of a night that includes dinner out and then jammies and Lifetime Movie Network!

– THREE – Until a few months ago, my sister and her b/f were not aloud to have pets in their house. They rent and the landlord was very strict about this policy. Like, Lindsey had to get approval from him to bring her classroom hamster home over Christmas break. Sidenote-she should have left that asshole at school! They may have named him Einstein but he was clearly too dumb to know when someone is trying to be NICE and give him a treat! He bit me, and drew blood! We could not be friends, I was glad to see that he found a new home at the end of the year!  Anyhoodles, since they couldn’t have pets, they have never babysat my little monster either. After living there for 3 years, they were given a little leeway on the pet situation. And they can now have a doggie! Yay! My niece, Klutch, will be arriving on July 8th!  (they don’t waste time) And tonight, they are keeping Minnie as puppy practice. While she’s not really a pup anymore, shes pretty high maintenance, so that helps. Lindsey came over last night and was giving Minnie strict orders about pooping in the house, sleeping in the kennel and not waking them up! Ha!!!


– FOUR – I peruse a great deal of blogs each morning. A lot of them I have been reading for years, long before I blogged. Some I have been following since I wanted to be a mommy;  ie-mommy bloggers, infertility bloggers, etc. Some since I got in to cooking and baking. And some just in the last few months since I have been trying to get back into the blogging regularly secretly scene. I said a while ago that I would LOVE to become one of “those” bloggers, like the ones that I follow. Those that have lots of followers, cute blogs, and thousands hundreds of views per day. Though, I never actually think it will happen. But, low and behold, SOMETHING happened. While catching up with my girls this morning, I saw my NAME on someone elses blog! Right here on the side of Kate’s blog is little ole’ me! A Daily Read!  🙂 Color Me Excited; she likes me…she really likes me!


– FIVE – So I started this blog with two posts; “The One About How I Got There” and “The One About How I Got Here,” (PS…I hope that y’all get the “Friends” reference there, and on some of my posts. I LOVE that show!)  Anyways, I often think about posting about where exactly ‘here’ is. There are a few things holding me up on that. I don’t know that I am ready to define things. I am in a great place, but I don’t think this is a permanent place for me. I feel like there are a lot of things that factor into to WHY I am here, the bumps-big and small that I had to get over to get here though. And I would have loved to hear that sort of thing from someone else who was in my shoes at the time. Ya know, a 28 year old who was suddenly faced with going through a divorce when days before, she thought her biggest hurdle was reminding her husband to take a daily pill so they could be one step closer to having a baby. I dunno if its a matter of me being not ready to deal with serious word vomit, or if I am afraid that I AM. So, hey, we will see what happens I guess.

I hope everyone has a great, crazy, hectic, busy and amazing weekend—that’s my plan!  🙂


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