I Confess…

…that I am exhausted! I visited Wrigley Field for the first time yesterday.


…we drank on the train on the way up there.


…this bear chased my sister around the park trying to get money from her!  LoL


…there was a rain delay. The game didn’t start until after 8:00pm


…part of the Chicago Fire and Chicago PD cast were there. They threw the first pitch and sang in the 7th Inning!


…we didn’t get “home” (aka-to my parents house) until after 3:00am.


…Im at work writing this because I was too darn tired to do it before now.

…The Cubs won! It was awesome!


It was a great night!!! Now its time for a ‘desk-nap!’


6 thoughts on “I Confess…

  1. I was totally at that game!!..Well more like at a bar next to the game bahaha. Your first time at Wrigley?! How’d you like it? 🙂

    • We had good intentions of going to a bar to hang out for a bit when we got there. But the skys got pretty dark, pretty quick so we figured we would get to the park and try and stay dry. LoL It was my first time there. I have always gone to Cubs-Sox games at Comiskey. I LOVED it. Can’t wait to go back!

  2. Desk naps are definitely pretty great! You know, as long as your boss doesn’t catch you or your desk isn’t in a nursing home. Trust me, worked in one, you don’t wanna lay your head anywhere around there. Glad you had a good time! I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago, just to say that I’ve been there and to see it. Maybe one of these days.

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