The One About…Buzzzzz

Whitney recently let us in on something pretty BIG recently! She was featured in a BuzzFeed List! Pretty Darn Exciting, right?!?!!  Now, you all know how I feel about lists! I love them!!! Though, I feel like a year ago, no one knew what BuzzFeed was. Let alone did they realize they could spend DAYS on the website laughing, crying, and sharing literally hundreds of lists with their family and friends.

Seems like you can find a great BuzzFeed article anywhere these days…Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest!  I thought I would take a few minutes and share some of my favorites with you.

*21 Things Only People From Small Towns Will Understand*
This one is definitely one that always stands out for me. As a girl that grew up in a town of 450 people, I can certainly relate!  I graduated grade school (that’s right, one school for grades K-8) with a whopping 10 kids in my class, I still talk to 5 of them on a regular basis, and can remember most of their HOME phone numbers. That’s serious small town business. Only problem with this list is that we didn’t really have “woods” in Ransom. So we did everything in the cornfield! LoL The very end of this list gets me teared up every time. I was that person that wanted out of town soo stinking bad, and once I moved (a whole 20 minutes) I found every reason possible to spend the weekends at my parents!  🙂

This is Mikey and Ashli (ignore that white dress-LoL)…we have legit been friends since birth! We have a pic like this from each of our weddings! We have a ridiculous amount of stories and jokes that go back 25 years!  🙂

*9 Blonde Bloggers We Wish We Could Be BFFs With*
Obviously, since it features one of my favorite bloggers, it had to make the list..right?!  I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t wanna be Whitney’s best friend?! And plus, you know what they say?? Every blonde needs a brunette sidekick! LoL

*79 Ways “Friends” Were Our Friends*
*23 Signs You’re The Chandler Of Your Friend Group*
*25 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About “Friends”*
Okay…so lets just go with anything “Friends” related.  Definitely in my Top 3 Favorite TV Series’!! Every single episode makes me seriously laugh out loud !!(Thanks Joey and Chanandler Bong” Re-Runs never, ever get old and Jokes never, ever get tired. As far as these Feeds Specifically– I love being able to relate my personal friends with their “Friends” characters! Makes me like them a little more! HaHa  Chandler was probably my fave..right ahead of Joey! The fascinating facts are AMAZING to me. And I don’t think its coincidence that I went to see the Ellen show last year and managed to get to sit on the Central Perk Couch all in the same trip!

Ahhhhhh..So Cool!

*26 Struggles Everyone From A Big Family Will Understand*
I would rename this “26 Amazingly Awesome Fun Things Everyone from a Big Family Will Understand”….maybe that’s too long though. I don’t find these things as struggles, rather cool things that bring us closer. I am blessed to be from a huge extended family and I love everything about it.
So this is just a VERY small portion of my family. Just on my mom’s side, I have 9 aunts/uncles, 22 cousins and 15 second cousins. Mind you, these are people that we get together with regularly for holidays, birthdays, golfing, and just because! Its the greatest blessing EVER!

*21 Ways Your Sister Is Really Your Best Friend*
My baby sister turned 25 yesterday!!!!   I mentioned last week that my sister and I have not always been best friends. Which I think is probably typical of girls that are 5-ish years apart. Just about the time that she realized she wanted to be friends, I was WAYY too cool for her….my bad!  Luckily, I grew outta that stage, and she grew into adulthood and we became tighter than I had ever imagined. I mean we literally live blocks away from eachother and spend at least 3 weeknights together. Who knew that would happen!? Thankfully, neither of us dance, but the list is right, when we party together, its legendary. For real, there pics from 2 weekends ago that I am WAY too ashamed to show ya!  Thank goodness for the off chance that the little sister has to put the big sister to bed–literally! oops She really will catch me when I fall, and kick anyone’s ass who trips me!

So I have to ask..what the heck would we do with our 8 hour work days if we didn’t have BuzzFeed to kill a little time?!


2 thoughts on “The One About…Buzzzzz

  1. I LOVE Buzzfeed! You really can spend hours on there! I get what you’re saying about the small town. I too grew up in a little town (K-12) and my graduating class only had about 30-32 students. And I loved it. Also, you know how I feel about ‘Friends’ so that’s a given 😉 Maybe I should take a play from your book and list some of my favorites too. Great pictures, by the way!!

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