Things I Learned This Weekend

Why does it seem that the weekends FLY these days?  I guess it’s true what they say, “Time Flies when You’re Having Fun.” And lemme tell ya, there was an infinite deal of fun to be had this weekend!  I did lots, and learned some!  🙂 With that in mind, I thought I would follow Jessi’s lead and link up with Katie.


1. – Watching 17 little kiddies fight for a ball during a T-ball game really is quite precious. Especially when they watch the next ball roll right by without moving!

2. – When your cart at Hobby Lobby is filled with tons of bright colored bandanas and tulle, it looks so fun. But chances are, you should have TWICE as much in the cart as you already do! Whoops


3. – A living room is way cuter when the carpeting is covered in rainbow colored tulle and hacked up prom dresses!


4. – Shopping is best done in the living room of a friend’s house…that way you can snack, chill on the couch, and drink whatever you want! Plus, when you run out of alcohol, a coupla guys from down the road will bring you refills!  –Not to mention, while you are shopping, they are cooking dinner!

5. – The downfall of ‘living room shopping’ is that 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom are just not enough dressing rooms.

6. – Never buy the same dress as someone that is going to the same bridal shower as you next weekend!! This dress is going to be a popular one on Saturday. Anyone wanna go to Sadies?


7. – When considering the idea of prancing around in a tutu, silly sunglasses and a bandana..bring a group of fun friends with you!


8. – Walking 3+ miles is way more fun when people are throwing stuff at you. Mainly cups full of colored powder.


9. – Before and After pics are required at a 5K Color Run!


10. – Just because you have a team name like “Off Like a Prom Dress” and costumes that include roughly 90 yards of neon tulle and the brightest bandanas at the craft store..doesn’t mean that you will win Best Costume or Best Team Name  😦   (Although, the team named “We’ve got the Runs” deserved the title!!)  Next year, we are TOTALLY taking these categories!

11. – While contemplating who will drive to said Color Run, the OCD girl with the brand new car should NOT be considered. She will make you wear garbage bags on the way home!


All-in-All, another weekend for the memory books. And, come Monday morning, that’s all that matters in my mind!


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