5 on Friday

Friiiiiiiiday! It about freaking time! I honestly believe that there should be an extra Friday every week! I know right, like I am the only person that thought of this!?

I am pretty pumped for this weekend! It is jam-packed with fun stuff to do, but not so packed that I won’t be able to breathe. Well, except for when I am running in the 5k..I definitely won’t be breathing then. LOL But you get the picture. In addition to all the fun stuff that I get to do, something that I wont be doing is baking!! Don’t get me wrong, I love baking, I love that its a stress reliever and a money maker. But sometimes its nice to have a weekend where I am not up until the sun is rising with the oven on.  🙂

In lieu of my exciting weekend, I thought I would spend my 5 for Friday telling y’all about all the good stuff I have planned. Did I just say “y’all” as though I am from Georgia rather than Illinois? Ignore that. In my head, I grew up smack dab between Jason and Luke. Sometimes I go back there and get stuck saying y’all and drinking sweet tea.  Anyhoo…

– ONE – Operation Prom-Ise 5K Color Run
Sunday morning, I am taking part in my first official 5k. I have done other walks (Walk for Babies, Overdose Awareness Walk, Suicide Prevention Walk, etc) but this will be the first ‘Official’ 5k.  🙂  Plus, it’s with some fun family, great friends AND its a Color Run/Walk! In other words, by noon, I will be covered in neon paint, laughing uncontrollably, trying to find the perfect group photo pose and ready to hop in the nearest pool!!

color run

Oh, and by the way, our team is made of up “5K virgins”…its a PROM charity, so our team name is “Off Like a Prom Dress.”   🙂  Wish us luck! Speaking of the charity behind this walk, its an amazing thing that they do each year to promote safety around the Prom season!  Check it Out! Its unfortunate that these types of things have to be done to impact kids, but I am proud to be part of a community that cares enough about its young people to spend time and money creating videos and events to remind them about the safe ways to have a good time.

– TWO – Time with a Boy??
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. 😉  I just hope that its actually able to happen this time. Seems we have been trying to spend some real time together for a while now, and something always comes up. I don’t want to get my hopes up, and Im definitely not holding my breath…but my fingers are crossed for a few hours together on Saturday.

– THREE – Shopping with the Girls
Speaking of Saturday, there is some serious shopping on tap for Saturday afternoon and evening! There’s a little shop a few towns over where I have been hoping to get to and have never made it.  Thankfully, I am not the only one that’s been needing to see this place. So we are making a day of it and heading over late morning to get some shopping done. And THEN an online boutique where I have gotten a couple tops from is coming to town! She is actually having a sort of trunk show at a friends house, so that will be expensive a blast!


– FOUR – TuTu for You..and for You…and for You  🙂
Remember that 5k that I mentioned up there….?  Well, Im not a runner, Im not an exercise enthusiast and I can promise that I will NOT be finishing first on Sunday. What I can promise though, is that our team will be the cutest team there is!  🙂  Tonight, me, my seester and her someday, hopefully soon, my goodness what is he waiting for mother-in-law are making 10 rainbow tutus for all of us to wear on Sunday. These tutus will pair nicely with our bright sunglasses and rainbow bandanas!  We won’t be the fastest, but they will certainly see us coming from a mile away!


– FIVE – Pool and Pie
Monday is my itty-bitty, teeny-tiny little baby sisters birthday! She will be 25 good golly, I am getting OLD years old! Its amazing to me that she is going to be 25! I feel like I was just 25, and she was just in 3rd Grade. Ps..I hated her then, well, didn’t hate her..but she certainly wasn’t my best friend. Funny how things change in 15 or so years. I can’t tell ya what I would do without her now. I can honestly say that, if asked, I would probably tell someone she is my best friend before telling them that she is my sister. Although I am sure they could see it in our faces  🙂

Anyways, she has decided that rather than cake this year, she wants Pecan Pie. Grandma is whipping one up as we speak, Im sure. And Lindsey has decided that we have GOT to get together as a family and have pie on Sunday after the walk. Good Plan Sister!  So we will spend our afternoon in the pool and have some pie before we come home! Great ending to the weekend, if I say so!



4 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. I live in IL too and use y’all often. Good luck and have fun at the 5K! I can’t run to save my soul but I have a teenage son who participates in several 5Ks. I think a Color Run would be cool to partake in though. Rock out with those tutus!

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