I Confess… My Summer Bucket List

I confess…I am obsessed with lists!

Vodka and Soda

Sure..its 90 degrees out, and I would rather be putting on my swimsuit to head to the pool than putting on clothes to head to work. I may wake up in morning dreading drying and straightening my hair when the humidity is already unbearable. But Summer doesn’t ACTUALLY start until Saturday!  Since, I still can’t decide if I want to make (Life) Bucket List Officially Official by posting it on the blog, so I thought why not a Summer Bucket List, right?!

So, I am definitely cheating on a few of these things, since I already have pretty concrete plans made for them, but that’s part of the fun. I have to be able to complete some of these things, otherwise I will just be a big summer failure. I also stole some of these from my Original 30 List.  womp, womp, womp


*See the Cubbies beat the Reds.  AND Get to Wrigley or Soldier Field (Stole from 30 before Thirty)
My sister won tickets to the Cubs game on 6/24 while at a fundraiser a few weeks back. So we are making  Girls Night of it. Mom, Me, Sissy and her college friend will be heading to the game. And this will be my first trip to Wrigley, EVER! Fun Fact–Just learned that this is Heroes Night..honoring the Police and Fire Departments. Mmm..That’s Exciting. I love me some uniforms!


*Turn 30!
This one is pretty self-explanatory. But its a milestone year, and its been a long one for me..from 29 to 30. I am excited to start a new chapter this year!

*Visit St. Louis Arch  (Stole from 30 before Thirty)
I am headed to St. Louis in July for our Scentsy Convention. I am really excited for all things Scentsy..but hoping to do a little tourist-y stuff on our first day there too.


*Complete my First (and Second) 5K
I signed up for the Scentsy Reunion 5K in July during Convention.  Lord Help Me…a 5K in the St. Louis Heat! Soo, as a practice, me, my sister and some friends have signed up for a Color Run this weekend locally!  Should be lots of fun, I mean, There are rainbow tutus involved!!


*Eat at a Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives Restaurant  (Stole from 30 before Thirty)
The plan was to stop at a diner on the way to St. Louis, but plans have changed. So I dunno when I will cross this one off the list. But hopefully soon! 🙂

*See Luke Bryan in Concert…Again
I love that man! Not only is he hotter than an Arizona Wildfire, but he is an amazing performer! I have been to a handful of his concerts and there doesn’t begin to dull my excitement to see him again. Especially since, he is playing at Soldier Field!!  I can’t wait!


*Buy a 6 pack from Sprinkles – Remake 1  (Stole from 30 before Thirty)
The closest Sprinkles is in downtown Chicago…roughly 2 hours away. So this is quite the task. I am hoping that I can fit this into a trip to see Katy. Last summer we made a day of going downtown and sightseeing, so maybe we can do that again this year.


*Kick those 11 pounds that ❤ me so much.
I mean, I appreciate the fact that they love me so much, but I am ready for the 11 pounds to get the hell outta here.

*Golf 8 Holes with my Family  (Stole from 30 before Thirty)
My family as a whole, golfs often. My Mom, Dad and Sister enjoy the sport and we normally go as a family a few times a year. I am designated driver…like of the cart, not the ball!  LOL  Thinking I need to fit in an actual game this Summer.

*Check Out for the Day and Spend it in the Pool
Im not someone who just ‘calls into’ work for no reason. Typically because I believe that karma WILL kick me in the face. However, I am hoping to skip out on one day and just spend the whole day away from the world floating! My biggest problem with this is that I know I will WANT to do this on a day when everyone (mom, sister, aunt, cousin and her precious guy) can join me in the pool..but at the same time, I could use a day of complete silence with some just ME time. Hmm…decisions.

*Gain 2 More Scentsy Team Members  (Stole from 30 before Thirty)
The goal was THREE by 30, but I have gained a pretty great team member since then. Our Incentive Trip contest starts in August, so hopefully I can pick up a couple people then and earn some points towards the trip. Do you know anyone that would be interested in FREE trips, products and ‘fun’ money each month??




16 thoughts on “I Confess… My Summer Bucket List

    • That stinks that you will miss the Cubbies!! 😦 I have been to a few games, but always go when they play the Sox, so I end up at their stadium. As a lifer-Cubs fan, getting to Wrigley is a big deal! Are you seeing Luke while you are here?

  1. Hey girl! Found your blog through Kathy’s linkup! Love it! Also, fellow Chicagoan here! 🙂 Cubs games are pretty much a must every summer and outdoor concerts! Following!!

  2. This milestone year is gonna be so great for you! I’m still a few years away from it, but I have what I consider a milestone next year- 25 (yikes!). I too want to do a 5k run, but I have nowhere near your discipline. I never call into work ‘just because’ either, but I think that you deserve it! Live a little! Be a Rebel, after all, you’re a running, Luke Bryan listening, cupcake eater. You know what that means? Complete badass 🙂

    • 🙂 Thanks! I don’t know that I will run the whole 5k…but I am going to certainly do my best. I never call in ‘just because’ either..it always scares me that as soon as I do, something real will happen and I will need the time off.

  3. My daughter was teling me the other day that there’s plans to tear down the St. Louis Arch due to structural damage. Don’t know how true it is. I’ve never heard of Sprinkles but those cupcakes look delicious. I’m not into country, but my step-daughters have seen Luke Bryant on a handful of occasions and think he’s awesome.

    • OH No!!! I hope they don’t tear it down, at least not before I get to see it. Though, that poses a scary question of if we should go UP it!! 😦 Sprinkles cupcakes are incredible! You should definitely try them if ever near a shop!

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