I Confess on Humpday…

It was super fun last week…so let’s do it again!

Vodka and Soda
…that, ummm…its really Tuesday.  😦   I just have no idea when I will be able to a blog post tomorrow. Not to mention, the things I will need to confess after a day in court with ‘le DBE providing he shows up.  So yea, just pretend that its Wednesday, mmmk…thanks!

…that there are days, like this one, where my cell battery is nearly dead before the end of my workday. NOT due to Pandora or any other type of music streaming. I’ve just literally been texting since I woke up this morning! Geesh
…I wish the above message was due to texting a boy  😉  But it wasn’t, SAD Face. Someday, maybe I will talk about that boy since I realize I have mentioned him twice, or maybe this is fizzling out and someday won’t come.
…I blogged for over a year on the old blog before realizing that WordPress let’s you schedule blog posts for a later date!  DUH.  Have I ever told you that part of my JOB is to schedule things like Pay Per Click Ads or Facebook and Twitter ads. Wow, Kudos to me!
…I have a Thirty by 30 Bucket List (Should I move that over to this blog??) But I really really wanna start a traditional Bucket List.  I can think of a boatload of things to add to this list! Or even a Places to Visit Bucket List. Maybe I am just obsessed with the LIST part of these things?!
…I am pretty bitter about the fact that there are currently TWO movies on my list that I MUST see and my ‘movie partner’ went and got a g/f.  I mean, how can I call him and request that we go to the movies and not expect her to get pissy.   😦  Thankfully, sissy is going to see The Fault in Our Stars with me tomorrow.
…I have a tattoo appointment for August 22nd and I REALLY REALLY wanna move it up. But I can’t, I just cant!!! For one, I don’t have the moolah to pay for 2 tattoos right now. And the appointment is also my sisters b-day present. Also, I am a pool kid this time of year and I dunno how you keep your FOOT outta the pool after a tattoo?  HaHa And for three, its my LAST tattoo and I don’t wanna rush it to be over!  🙂
…Thursday I have a conference in Chicago for work and I just don’t wanna go. I have worked here for FOUR years and gotten out of this conference for 3…why should I go now?  And since I must go, how do I get outta doing all the actual conference stuff and instead do fun things in the city like visit Navy Pier, get a tan, visit Sprinkles, etc?
Hmm…I think that’s about all. I hope you all have a fantabulous Wednesday!

12 thoughts on “I Confess on Humpday…

  1. Here’s how you’ll keep your foot out of the pool: It will hurt so bad you won’t even leave your bed. Functioning was just too much for me. I could barely hobble to the bathroom. I questioned my sanity for a solid 3 days before I was finally able to pretend to just have a normal limp after my foot tattoo. Ok, some of that might be a little dramatic, but sadly, all of it is true.

    • WooWoo Its kind of a weird situation, one that a bunch of us aren’t thrilled about initially. Its two friends dating…which could be great, but could be a recipe for disaster. LOL Wish them only the best though…as long as he can still go to the movies with me! 🙂

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