Ever have one of those days where you just cant form a sentence to save your life?  I think that today is going to be one of those days. I just have so much going on that I am literally have “squirrel moments” in my own head. I have 5…or maybe 6 lists going, and I have already lost 4 of them. I am considering taking a PICTURE of the ones that I do have so that when I lose it, I still have a master copy! Lord help me. Sometimes I am thankful its Friday…today is NOT one of those times. GASP!

So, while we are on the subject of lists, today’s Five on Friday is just not going to be an organized one. I cant muster the energy to put together a theme for my 5 things. Please, bear with me!

– ONE –  Today I have to say Good-Bye to a pretty fantastic lady and I just simply don’t want to. It has truly crossed my mind to throw a full blown tantrum in protest of “God’s Plan.” Though, I don’t think that it would work and more importantly, I really have no place to do so. There are 3 pretty great girls that are faced with a long life without their mommy by their side. If anyone gets to throw a tantrum, its them.

Times like this, I wish my super power was ‘saying the right thing.’  I wish I could say something, anything to take the pain away. Away from Miki’s Daughters, Away from her 2 Grandkids that have loved her their whole lives, Away from precious little Izzy – who only got to know her Grandma for a few short months, Away from my mom who lost not just her cousin, but one of her best friends. I just wish that I could fix things.

– TWO – While I am in tantrum mood, can I just say…I moved into my house on November 1st. That day, the landlord told me that he would replace my screen door “soon” as it was separating at the bottom. Fast Forward to the week after Turkey Day…Im still in a Black Friday Coma at this point. He texts to tell me that a new door is in the garage and he will get it put in after hunting weekend. Cool…Good Deal.


Today is June 6th and I STILL have a POS screen door that is now completely separated from the window down, all the crap from in between the two pieces has spewed out onto my step and inside my freaking door and I have to wrangle my 8lb pup before putting her leash on or she can push the door right open.  😦  I wrote a little note on the rent envelope asking if he will get to it soon, b/c my dad offered to fix it but I told him no b/c I didn’t want to step on any toes. So, my dad would totally do it, but he DIDNT offer, I was hoping to guilt the landlord….I mean its been 8 months!! He text me “Im working 7-10’s and trying to get another house done. If your dad can do it, that would be great!”  Backfire!  😦

~~~~Pause for Intermission–Geesh, I am certainly being a Negative Nancy today, Huh?  Consider me Warned! The next 3 Points will be happier!~~~~

– THREE – Have you ever had an Incredible Pandora Day?  The kind where you literally rock out all day??!  Love every song that comes on, Thumbs UP 98% of the songs, and don’t thumbs down any…like for 8 hours?!?  That was yesterday!! Lets just say, I have high hopes for my 5.5 hours today!  🙂

– FOUR – Can we chat about the CMT Music Video Awards for one hot second, please?? I thoroughly enjoyed watching the awards this year, as I do every year. Except for that twinge my little heart feels each year that I am not THERE watching the awards. I was able to go to Fan Fair once, and its on the BL to get back there again!


Anyways…LOVE LOVE LOVED the FGL-ZZ Top-LUKE-Jason DeRulo opening! It was so much fun, not to mention the idea of Luke Bryan singing the words “Talk Dirty to Me” is just HOTT!! The Carrie and Miranda Performance was pretty great too! I love them together and would give my left leg to see them in concert! I am a fan of “The Voice” so seeing Blake present Cassadee with her award was sooo sweet!  Brantley has gotten HOTTER since I got to hug him just a few months ago! I loved when Miranda won for Automatic and they showed Mike Fisher singing along!  🙂  While, I can argue with a few of the award choices, (but, that would be pointless. LOL) I really enjoyed the show–hostess and all!

– FIVE – I am nearly 30 and I have never really been the girl that wears sunglasses. Mostly b/c I wear glasses, so its tough to swap out often. Lately though, I have been migrating back to my contacts, even though it means an extra 10 minutes of getting ready.  You know, because you cant go sans-glasses without eye makeup. So contacts turns into quite the daily struggle. LOL Anyways, ‘le seester IS a sunglasses girl. Well a while back she ‘donated’ (said they were too big for her and put them on MY face) a pair of sunglasses to the Doneida Needs Some Shades Fund…aviators to be exact. Kids, these are BIG glasses, bigger than I am used to. Like Fly Eyes big. But for some reason, she thinks they look awesome, I think they look … okay.  Im wearing them though, because I always forget to get a new pair when I am at Target. Geesh


I wore them the other day and this boy (that I might kinda like a little) referred me as Maverick. As in..he said “Hey Maverick, you look cute today.” Not sure if I should be flattered that he said I was cute. Or impressed that of all the references, he choose Maverick from one of my fave movies (without knowing that its on my top movies list. Or annoyed that he was mocking the shades. Either way, its on my list to go shade shopping just in case.


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