I Confess on Humpday…

Hmmm…Another fun Link Up   🙂  I have actually seen this one many times, both on Wednesday and Friday. Either way, today works wonders!

Vodka and Soda

…its been nearly a year since my separation (like as in a year, tomorrow) and I am actually excited to celebrate with my family!  Not like we are having a party for that or anything. But we are going to be together for an annual dinner in my uncles honor and I intend to have a celebratory drink for how far I have come in a year! Last year, I was literally a MESS (and not even a HOT mess.) I was sad, angry, sick and falling apart at the seems about what had happened the night before. This year, I am oddly happy with where I am in life!

…that dinner I just mentioned–NO clue what I am going to wear! For that matter, I have a wake, funeral and birthday party Friday and Saturday and don’t know what I am wearing to them either! Lord Help Me!


…Im fighting with God again. We don’t have the greatest relationship in the first place, can’t tell ya the last time I was in church on the regular. But I just don’t get why he does things! Like, what the hell?? I truly believe that everything happens for a reason…clearly, since I have it tattooed on my body!. But whats up with these bs reasons?! 10288728_10154002899765464_6873833043656021432_n

…I am in love with maxi skirts these days. I have had-until my washer killed one two of them and I can’t wait to get MORE. I am on the hunt for some chevron these days! chevron-maxi-skirts-300x145

…I am a sucker for reality tv. Really, any mindless tv. I can’t wait for Big Brother to return, or Sister Wives (don’t judge me..I could never do it, just amazes me.) Big_Brother_15_Logo

…I think I may actually enjoy living alone! Shhhh…don’t tell that I live alone. I gave my creep neighbor the impression that there is some hot, studly man sharing my room!  🙂 MjAxMy04MzQ0MTAzZmUxODA4ZmEz

…I cant get my head into working today. LoL Obviously.

…Im selling my anniversary band online, and a necklace that the DBE (fun new initials) gave me while we were legally joined. Anyone wanna buy them?

20140604_073226                    20140604_123308

…Ive decided to forego using the terms marriage and married when referring to those 7ish years of my life. As a marriage requires fidelity and apparently it was lacking.  🙂

On that super positive note, I think we are probably done her. For this week anyways!




7 thoughts on “I Confess on Humpday…

  1. HAHA yess living a lone does have its perks!! And good for you for selling that stuff!! Leave the past in the past haha!! 😉 XO


    • Thanks! Its been a bumpy ride for sure, one that’s probably not over. BUT, I feel like there are finally some green lights in front of me. 🙂

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