The One About Being the New Girl…

One of my favorite things about blogging before, was taking part in link-ups. Though, I was never a loyal linker. I have a terrible memory people.  I would always remember to link up ON link up day when I would visit someone’s blog. Well by then, there were 200 people linked and I just felt silly writing a post and linking up to be #287.  But, with new things come new goals right?? So, I will try and do better this time.

FIVE on Friday is a fun link-up because its pretty open-ended. You can really blog about whatever you would like. In other words, if you have a post planned, it can normally be planned around the 5, and if you don’t, you can certainly find 5 things to ramble about.

With that in mind, I am going to ramble about being the new kid on the blog block! I can think about 100 questions about being a new blogger….but its Friday, and that’s too much thinking. So here are the Top 5 Questions that I have.

-ONE-  Why cant I instantly be one of those bloggers that has a bloggy bff? LOL I love reading stories of girls that found their blog bestie just by chance. Ahem,  Stephanie and Katie or Whitney and Tyler.  Color me super envious of your awesome long distance friendships. Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing friends. But who in their right mind wouldn’t want a bloggie friend that you can send cool gifts the MAIL, like using the postal service, or someone to hop on a plane to visit!?

-TWO- Why isn’t my blog pre-made cute and girly???  I really want a super cute blog design like all my blog mentors. But at what point do you pay someone to make you a cute blog logo, or layout? Should I have followers or regular readers, commenters before I have a fun and cute blog?  And do I have to go and get a super cute photo with my doggie before hand? So that I can have a fun picture on ‘le blog?  Everyone has tabs and such on their blog..what would my tabs be? I wonder if I can figure it out myself?? Why on earth am I so concerned about this considering I work for a Web Design company?! Shouldn’t I just employ a co-worker to do this for me? But that would mean I have to tell them about the blog, and I don’t wanna do that.

-THREE- Where can I take a Blogging 101 Course?? Like, for real?! I wanna know all there is to know. Like how to remember to blog, or things to blog about when there is nothing to blog about. I wanna know the best ways to connect with people and get visits, comments and followers. I need to know how to make my blog pretty. I have to know what to say to get people coming back and wanting to hear what I have to ramble about today. How in the world to people find the time to blog as often as they do? Or the time to have such amazing lives to photograph and blog about?

-FOUR-  How do I decide what type of blogger I am going to be?? There are so many traditional types and I just don’t know where I fit in. I cant be a mommy blogger–I mean, I do have a dog-baby. But I don’t think that would get the job done. I cant be a lifestyle blogger–I just dont have the money to blog about my awesome purchases and amazing trips. Though, I definitely wish that I did. A foodie blogger–maybe. Except I really only bake. Im not one for cooking like real food. So…where do I go from here? Is there such a thing as a 29-ish divorced blogger just trying to make it in the married with kids world??

-FIVE- What are the essential tips and tricks to becoming a successful blogger?  I guess maybe I should first determine what my ‘successful blogging’ consists of?  How do I know when I am successful? As veteran bloggers, what tips do you have for me?

I think thats probably all. I mean, I am just hoping and praying at this point that I can get a few views and maybe even some tips from all the awesome people in blog-world to help me grow my little space into something I can proudly share with the world!



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