“Currently” posts swirl the blog world off and on at times. I thought that since I am rebuilding my bloggie image, I would take this opportunity to steal a page from Carolyn‘s playbook and do one for myself.  🙂 That being said…here is what I am currently doing:

… loving life. It took me a while to get back to this point. But I feel like I am finally in a place where I can say that I love where things are, and seemingly where they are headed. I have a fantastic family, incredible friends, and a good job.Life is tough, it always will be, but as long as you have tougher people by your side; it all works out in the end.

… wishing this weather would realize that is SPRING and stay that way! I mean, I know that I live in Illinois and we are token for having weather mood swings. But this is getting a little ridic!

 … waiting very impatiently.  For what… I would rather not say. Just know that I am trying my best to be patient with this whole process. And when I say ‘my best’ I mean…whining to close friends, crying, stressing, panicking and laughing off anxiety   🙂

 … walking not nearly enough! My sister and I were doing great walking 3miles a day. Then the weather went loopy (excuses) and we both got very busy (excuses) and kinda fell off the wagon. A wagon that we have GOT to get back on!

… planning a vacation…or two, or three? Definitely one in July, to St. Louis. Partially “work” related, Partially 30 year bucket list related. Either way, it will be a blast. Additionally, I would really like to get back to Florida soon..maybe over my 30th weekend.  But that’s probably not realistic.  Sadly. … wantingto go on a shopping spree! I NEED some new bedding! I had all white when I got my house, but that didn’t last long with the Puppers. So now I am sliding by with something simple. I would love THIS. Also, if we are talking shopping spree, we must include clothes.  This, this, this (for the Scentsy trip,) these, and this.

… eating nothing right at this very moment. I have a piece of cheesecake waiting for me tonight though. I mean, that doesn’t really help with that walking, or those clothes. But, meh.

… thinking about how much I want things to be easy. For just a while. I am not asking for things to be just handed to me. I just want to not have to think so much, or stress about things. I want to do something that sounds so amazing without worrying about it for two weeks first. I just want them to be easy.

… dreading finding the time to do everything.  LoL Really though, good thing I perform well under pressure. I tend to do this to myself often where I over book and then procrastinate or just don’t leave enough time for breathing.   🙂

… watching lots of dvr.  Fell behind this week due to not being home much at night. So now I am playing catch up. GH, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, NCIS, Dance Moms, Deadliest Catch, True Tori, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Real World, Greys Anatomy, Friends with Better Lives (My New FAVE,) 2 Broke Girls…these are my weekly recordings!  Eeks. Don’t Judge!

… obsessed with the kitchen store. Specifically, Sur la Table. I have been there a couple times and spent about $200.  🙂  But I wanna go back..!!!

… laughing at a conversation that my sister and I had the other night after dinner with my Grandma and her sister that was visiting from TX. Those two are just something else! Different, but incredibly similar too. After a few hours with them, laughing uncontrollably at some points, Lindsey and I headed for home. About half way there she says “ya know, in 60 years, we are going to be JUST like them!” …how true?!    🙂

… excited for summer and fall to get here. Time seems to be flying by, and I cant wait for all the fun stuff that we have planned for these coming months. 3 concerts, 5 (yes…FIVE) weddings, a Cubbies Game, a tattoo, LOTS of baking orders, pool time, sunburns, 2 surprise parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties, another Overdose Walk and a visit from Miss Trisha who ran off to German a few months ago.


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